“Rude and unhelpful”

Do you know that a third of female shoppers (who were all members of slimming group Weight Watchers) believe they have been insulted by shop assistants who were pushy, unhelpful or made unflattering comments about their size, it has been claimed. According to the Daily Mail, the survey found 40 % of the women condemned assistants as regularly “rude and unhelpful”. I must say even I have heard some ridiculous comments of girls in little shops. I am just laughing or start a discussion with these women. Have you ever been insulted in a shop because of your size?

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2 Responses to ““Rude and unhelpful””

  • Comment from Louise

    Yes had that once or at least one time that really stuck out. But I don’t mind that much I can be a very big spender so if you choose to chase me away it is your loss, your big loss haha.


  • Comment from Christina

    Yes, happened to me. The shop assistent looked at me when I was browsing for gift for my size 8 sister, raised an eyebrow and said to me (size 16): “We do not have anything in your size.”
    That does not sound too rude, but the tone was like I was stinking or insulting her and her business with my presence.

    I had not asked for any help or assistance.

    Never spent a Cent again in that shop.

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