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‘Christina is our generation’s Marilyn’


The “Mad Men” star was interviewed in this Mays issue of Flare Magazine. Christina Hendricks is one of the most beautiful actresses at this moment. An actress who’s not a size o. She has a real feminine body. Big breasts and hips. I think she’s a size 40-42 EU. She has been called our generation’s Marilyn Monroe, and I think that’s true! On the cover, Christina Hendricks is wearing a Stella McCartney dress. It’s great she can wear a Stella McCartney!

You will feel like you know her a little better after reading this article. This really surprised me: did you know that she began dying her naturally blonde hair when she was just 10 years old? Christina: “About pencil skirts, which I now have, like, 75 of. I was like, why didn’t I know about this skirt before!”



Check out the video of the making of the cover shoot in Beverly Hills.

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