Size diversity rules fashion!


Finally I can post this ‘size diversity’ story on my blog! I created this story in May this year when I was in New York with Suzanne Rensink. She is the photographer who took these great pictures of Justine Legault (size 46-48 EU), Jessica Lewis (size 42 EU) and Grace St John Berger (size 38-40 EU), all from MUSE NYC. I think it’s the future to show models in different sizes in editorials.

My opinion is that seeing these variety of sizes is more inspiring for us women. And I am not the only one who wants to see more diversity in fashion. Michael Kors on “I don’t like it when the models all look the same. To me it’s so incredibly boring to turn them into mannequins, it’s so much more interesting if we have different ages, ethnicities, body types, heights.” Most of the clothes are from my collection Edith Dohmen, combined with some other brands.










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