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You are soooo tall!!!


Together with Iris Tinunin of Stylosophique in Milan, during the Marina Rinaldi event. My waist is on the same height as her breasts are. Iris is Italian and is a size 40-42 EU/10-12 US. Yes, I was wearing wedges.. so I was 10 cm taller!

You are soooo tall!!! I hear this all the time, when people meet me. And most of the time I am wearing heels as well! I love being tall! I am 1.81 m, 5,11 feet. This is not strange over here in the Netherlands. On Suite101 there’s an article about this subject. While obesity has tripled in many Western European countries since the 1980s, the Dutch keep growing upwards.

The average height is now 6 feet 1 inch for Dutch men and 5 feet 7 inches for Dutch women.
On my LOOKS pictures, you can’t tell I am a size 44-46 EU/14-16 US, because of my length. How taller you are, how slimmer you look. But trust me, I am really this size! Haha…

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