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I am always bikiniproof!



Bikiniproof, the whole year! Yes, I am! I think it’s bullshit women don’t dare to wear a bikini, because their bodies are not in shape yet! So you have to punish yourself weeks or even months to lose weight and get in shape, probably for a week or 2 at the beach maximum. The funniest thing is, you will see some women there in bikini and compare them with yourself, and you will feel great! Please… if you have the ‘guts’ to wear a bikini, it doesn’t matter what size you have. And it doesn’t matter if you have lost 3 kilos or are a little more in shape. Come on!

After a few years I scored a bathingsuit last year. And not just a simple one! No, a strapless number with flamingo print! Yeah. But honestly I am more of a bikini woman!

Tight bottoms
Finding a bikini in my size is most of the time not that difficult. The tops I can score, but the biggest problem is finding a pair of perfect bottoms! Most of the time they are very thin and will be too tight at your hips. That’s no fun, believe me! And nowadays you see tops getting bigger and bigger, the cups are large and even the wide is average. And because of the fabric, there will be some stretch. But searching for really nice bikinis with the perfect bottoms for women in sizes 44 EU/14 US and larger, is a true challenge! Most of the time you will have to wear a tankini.. sorry! But then I will go for a bathing suit… what the fuck do I do with a tankini?

When bottoms come in larger sizes, choose a size larger than you probably would. This one will fit very nicely and will not be too tight. And optically you will look slimmer, because the bottoms will fit great around your hips.

In the picture above I’m wearing the red bikini from Prima Donna! For me this is a big thing, showing myself in bikini on my blog! I never show too much skin… haha

And yes! Also this year I am looking for a bikini. Immediately I see a great one from Prima Donna. A bikini top which I really like! This shape comes in different colors and I love the red one! Oh, there’s even a bathing suit in this style. It’s better not to buy the suit. I can almost see myself running at the beach in slow motion while the tune from Baywatch is playing..

Pamela Anderson running in her red bathing suit in the serie Baywatch.


In the fitting room I try, beside the red bikini, the tankini as well. I just want to know how it fits and how the shape is. In this tankini I love the print! It’s white with purple dots. And this looks great! So sad they don’t have the bikini version of this print in the shop. But I already fell in love with the red bikini and it suits me perfectly! I am already looking forward to go on a sunny trip or for a great summerday somewhere on the beach in The Netherlands. Bikini proof or not! I am always ready for it!

This is the white with purple dots tankini, also from Prima Donna.

Leaving the shop with my swimwear! Standing next to all great swimwear, unfortunately not in my size.

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