Even Danie Bles is showing size diversity!


Well well…. size revolution is going on!!!! I am surprisely ‘in shock’!!!! Even Danie Bles, ‘the Rachel Zoe’ from Holland… has chosen for 3 inbetweenies on her runway at her ‘World Fashion Today SHOW’ at World Fashion Centre Amsterdam: Charlotte, Paula (Maxi Me Models) and Renée (Ego’s models). Between all the straight size models, men and some kids! Well done! Diversity rules!



But there was 1 look for Charlotte…. please… it’s 2014… since 1989… I really don’t want to see this anymore!This so NOT done anymore for women, specially plus size women… Danie, I think this was a mistake… but the other looks for the inbetweenies were nice! Big applause for this ‘big’ step using larger models…


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