Violeta autumn/winter 2014


Robyn Lawley
The new catalogue and collection from Violeta by Mango is online.. and will soon be available. Again a collection with Vicky Martín Berrocal for Violeta! Gorgeous model Ali Tate Cutler features in the catalogue, and of course the shiny queen of the inbetweenies Robyn Lawley. This collection I will show to you.

Autumn/winter 2014
This Violeta collection has a rich feeling. Looks chic,elegant and sophisticated. Such a difference compared with the summer collection, which was very basic. Now they styled the items very well. Sporty mixed with classic. Rebel with feminine style. “I am a female rebel…” from Miley Cyrus.

Well done, Mango… I really see progression in the Violeta collection.







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