We are all Angels


My reaction to the article from Marianne Zwagerman on Elle.nl Elle asked me for my opinion, but I was’too late’. Here my opinion!


We are all Angels

What would the world be beautiful, when women would be nice to each other! Next to the wars in the world, is the women war probably the worst! Researches tell that women get dressed for other women, not for men. The competition, this battle is always going on. Women reflect them self with other women. We they are ‘perfect’, will women search so long they will find a negative thing. Their own insecurity will reflect on the other woman. When you love yourself, feel good in your own skin, people will call you ‘arrogant’.

Pff…what if… women would have more respect for each other. Give each other compliments… it would matter how old you are, what color you have or what size you wear. I am quite sure if we would appreciate each other, more women would accept how they are. This might me the end of the terrible diet industry and plastic surgery?

My mission is to see more diversity in fashion and I really want to change the fashion industry. A huge smile on my face when Robyn Lawley, size 40-42 EU, 1.85m tall, was the first not-size-36-model for Sports Illustrated. This was a mega climax. I thought, the next step might be that between the Victoria’s Secret Angels also walk models with sexy bodies in sizes 40 EU and up on the catwalk.

I am no Angel is a statement from Lane Bryant to wake up the fashion industry. We all only get inspired by 1 kind of model, 1 size woman who has to inspire us. A woman who is so far from the reality, this is the greatest illusion ever! Fashion is all about dreams and illusion and this can be also in different sizes! VS Angels as we see them the last years are so dry trained, they are not ‘soft’ or feminine anymore. When you look back to the first shows, the models were the same size, but they were more feminine: soft and round.

The models in this campaign are all women in these 42 – 46 EU. This size range, is the largest group of women. Why are they called ‘fat’ and ‘too hard to look at’? No, this is not totally the opposite: this is the average size woman. Models who are minimal 1.75m. Great in shape and yes… they have the hourglass… with extra minutes!

So glad the technik is not so far, we can create our own body. Otherwise we all would look the same. The world would be so boring! Diversity is what makes it so beautiful! One woman has a straight shape body, the other is an hourglass and another one has a pear shape. Of course we all want ‘optical’ look like an hourglass. With the right style advice, I can make you look like an hourglass. But why may you only love yourself having an hourglass body?

My profession is to make women shine, in every size! With the good clothes and make up you are already the ‘better version of yourself’. I think that’s more important than trying to become perfect! It’s more important to love yourself, embrace your body. Then you will be more secure and you will shine. I think that should be the message. Show more size diversity in fashion, so every woman will recognize themselves.

And in the end… we are all Angels…


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