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Is De Bijenkorf carrying brands in larger sizes??


Here are the plus size brands at De Bijenkorf

Natan +

“Wow wow wow…” this was my first reaction!!! De Bijenkorf is the most luxury department store of The Netherlands. I just got this press release… From now they will carry plus size brands online!
I was always complaining, when I go to this shop I can only buy accessories, shoes… etc. And it’s still the thing. In the shops only Marina Rinaldi is available. And of course I can shop other straight size brands, when the shapes are great for my size!
But…. there’s the 1st step: online they have a plus size section. When I visited the website, I found a few brands which really carry sizes above 44 Junarose, Natan+, Studio 8, Zizzi…. So sadly… where are the other brands? You can be there for the inbetweenies and up! You can earn sooooo much money on us! But, no… you don’t.

468 x 60

Studio 8

Zizzi Black label

But please… their opinion plus size means having being larger than a size 42 EU??? … haha! Ladress comes in size XXL (read a size 44) same Ralph Lauren only goes up to size 44 EU, etc. etc…..

I have 1 more (free) advice for you, De Bijenkorf,.. I need a SIZE SEARCH button… where is it??

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