Torrid jeans diversity campaign


Great jeans diversity campaign of Torrid


11 women, ranging in sizes 10 to 30, different races and ethnicities in one campaign. This is how diversity should be shown in fashion! Specially in the plus size fashion. We see here the small sizes, the inbetweenies next to the full figured sizes. Fantastic to see this. Everybody is different, every jeans is different.

Torrid launched their denim campaign this Monday and they took an opportunity to use their denim campaign to not just promote the new line but SHOW size and color diversity at a time when it is so needed.
The diverse group of 11 women are comprised of an eclectic mix of celebrities, fashion bloggers, Torrid customers and employees, all chosen for the campaign because of their unique and powerful approach to plus-size style. Adrienne C. Moore, Lyanna Lynette, Georgina Burke, Philomena Kwao. Anna O’ Brien, Simone Mariposa, Allison Teng, Loey Lane, Anna, Simone Mariposa.



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