Colorful in Xandres X line…

As you already saw I went to Antwerp, to shop my look for Xandres X Line. And here’s the look. I took these pictures together with Els Sprenkeling in Breda. She took my pictures and the other way around. I love to create a Gucci look. And did it with these items from Xandres X Line. Print on print, and the red accent. And creating the hourglass shape with this Gucci belt.
I love to create ‘real fashion’ looks. It’s not easy for a size 46/48 EU to wear real designer items, that’s why you have to be more creative. Everyone can wear the same items, but it always will be different. “It’s not WHAT you wear, it’ how you wear it!” And that’s absolutely true!

I had a great time with Els, having a coffee break!

I had so much fun!

I am so happy with my Gucci bag!

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