Summer inspirations: side stripes!



When you can’t an item in a size 48 or up you know it’s really trendy! Haha.. I have this all the time. When you see straight size items, I want so badly in my size. But… I have to wait for at least 1 season, most of the time 2 seasons, this means 1 year later. And as a fashionista, I can’t wait for this! I need it… and I need it right NOW!

Side stripes pants, are everywhere! And I couldn’t find these anywhere. I am very critical and not every side stripes sport pants is the right one! Nope… I wanted the black with red strips.

I made a call on a Facebook page for pants like these and I got a lot of tips, but most of them were sport pants with a white side stripe… that was not what I was looking for. And HM+ had a purple/burgundy one.. I ordered it, but it was totally not what I was looking for. Not really fashion…

The only 1 what was a bit I liked, was from Norah. I didn’t know this brand, very inbetweenie proof,because everything comes in size 36 to 48 EU.

And 1 at Costes, but the largest size they have is 44 EU, way too small for me!

And do you know where I found this? I didn’t… so I created my own. I bought a plain black pair of trousers of Miss Etam on Wehkamp (on sale for only 12 euro) and I bought these red ribbons and sewed these on the black pants. OMG… sooo happy! My tips, if you are a fashionista like myself. Create your own. If you can’t find it, be creative. If you can’t do it yourself, bring it to a tailor. It’s not that expensive.

Here is my look: wearing the side stripes, combined with Zara shirt and silver Asos Loafers.

Combined it with the Marina Rinaldi oversized coat


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