My whole life I have been a larger size than all my friends. But I have never felt fat or uncomfortable, because I was born this way! My confidence I inherited from my beautiful mum! Being a size 46/48 EU (16/18 US, 18/20 UK) she was a strong woman and she was 1.78m tall. I have never heard her complaining about her size and she never started a diet.

She was a great example for me. She was a fashion designer herself and created all the looks from the runway for herself. So I never realised it could be difficult to find clothes in her size. Because she always wore the latest fashion in her size! Unfortunately she died way too early in 2004. And I am still missing her.

It wasn’t my intention to start another plus size blog… No, I started the blog as a statement to the world! To show the world that style has nothing to do with a size. I want to show that not everyone in fashion is a size zero. No: I want to show both the average size women and larger what to wear and put these women in the spotlight!

I started ‘www.stylehasnosize.com’ in May 2011. I have been a fashion stylist for almost 10 years now. In all these years I styled ‘real’ women and models in every size. My conclusion is that every woman has the right to look good and dare to be noticed.

I have always been an inbetweenie (woman ‘in between sizes’, with size 40-48 EU/10-18 US/12-20 UK). Too big for regular sizes and too small for plus sizes. I call them inbetweenies, because they are not skinny but also not full figured. I want to put the average size of women into the spotlight. Because this is the forgotten group in fashion.

In the fashion industry they don’t pay much attention to this group. It’s the regular sizes, size 36 to 42 EU (6 to 12 US, 8 to 14 UK) or the plus sizes, start from 44 EU (14 US, 16 UK) and up. Most of the plus size clothing is too wide and too big for the average size woman. And the regular sizes are often too small.

I don’t want to promote obesity or anorexia. I want to promote health and a positive self esteem and let women be proud of themselves, in any size. It’s very important to accept your size and your body. And love it! If you do embrace your body and curves, you will show it to the world! You want to look and feel great! And showing the world that style and beauty have NOTHING to do with a size!


I think it’s time for change! Acceptance of size 40-46 EU (10-16 US/12-18 UK) in the fashion world!
My mission is to accept size 46 EU (16 US, 18 UK) next to size 34/36 EU (4/6 US, 6-8 UK).
I think magazines should be filled with models in different sizes. We also need more runways with mixed models. Size diversity in fashion: in magazines, runways, in the media and in movies.

As a stylist I can work with models in different sizes. Because every woman in every size is beautiful.
 As a fashion stylist I can show that size diversity in magazines is possible. I think it would be great and it should be ‘normal’ to show the reality in sizes in magazines. Just show more of these fashion stories in high end
magazines as Vogue, Elle, Numero, etc.
Who knows… soon…

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20 Responses to “Mission”

  • Comment from Boris Crismancich

    Thanks for this great post edith. This is exactly what is needed.

    Interestingly, men face a similar problem but react totally different. I my self am an inbetweenie in terms of mens sizes. A dadbod owner so to say. When I asked for a business suit in a local menswear store, that sells mainly to elderly men, the women looked at me from head to toe and said… Oh, that’ll be complicated. I instantly replied “Pardon me, but what exactly will get complicated?” I mean, I’m a bit chubby, but nothing more. And they sell to elderly men. Most of the clothes reminded my on my math teachers. So I got a bit angry and said, that if it’s a problem finding a suit for me, she should tell her boss that there’s definitely something wrong with his purchase strategy.

    And this is the point, were men are different. We get angry, because we think that’s not our fault. In the same situation, women would tend to think, that they are not right. That they are not average, even outside of what’s normal. The’d feel embarrassed, bad about themselves and hurt. And probably leave the store and from then on having a bad feeling whenever they enter a clothes store they don’t know.

    Here’s where I see as the second part in the mission. Be bold, get angry. It’s not your body that’s wrong, but the sizes they sell. But they love to make you feel bad about your body, because that’s part of the game.

    It’s a fact that – according to the body mass index – the majority of women are overweight. That the body mass index is bullshit, is another story. But the result of this is, that the fashion industry does not serve a tremendous part of their target group. This is extremely stupid, especially from a business perspective.

    The thing is that many people in fashion business believe that overweight people buy cheap leggins, discounter’s sneakers and large jungle print t-shirts. Because ‘overweight’ people are dumb, lazy and that’s why they don’t have money. Fashion is just for sizes up to 40 and from then on it’s more or less cheap clothing that serves mainly to cover the body somehow and prevent you from going naked. They see the target group. The numbers are not to overlook. But they falsely assume there’s no money to make there.

    Let’s show them how wrong they are. And let’s spend our money at those shops, who already understand and support the mission. And let’s just stick everyone the finger who looks at a person and says: That’ll get complicated.

    Ediths blog is an inspiring contribution for that mission. It proves that fashion is for everyone. I love it.

  • Comment from Marianna Sciortino

    I just came across this and really excited to readwhat you have to say. YAY!! "Inbetweenie"

  • Comment from Mariana Gellida de Iraola

    absolutely right!!

  • Comment from Iris Montgomery

    I just found your site after writing about the "plus size" teen in Massachusetts who could not find a dress for her prom and a lovely store owner who saved the situation. The fashion industry's size war makes me sick. I would love to have you write something for my site if you would be interested. I am starting a series on sizing and what it means to women of all sizes. Here is the link to my report on the teen: http://fashionbistro.co/store-owner-helps-plus-size-teen-find-prom-dress/.

    Thank you for your great work.

  • Comment from Amy Barnyock

    I hope there will be no hatred between the "in betweenies" and us larger women, let us all support each other.

    • Comment from Edith

      I am supporting every woman in every size! Women with size 36 EU/6 US, 42 EU/12 US, 56 EU/26 US…
      I think everybody is beautiful… The inbetweenies is the forgotten group in fashion.
      And this is the largest group of women.
      That’s the reason why I put these women in the spotlight.

  • Comment from Amy Barnyock

    I am bigger, a US 26/28, but I am really loving my curves. I feel sexy in front of my boyfriend, and more importantly I feel sexy when I'm looking in the mirror, and I can't always say I felt that way.

  • Comment from Victoria

    Dear Edith.

    I’m 18,5’3″,size 16US and I have always hated my body.I have never felt comfortable with my figure and I usually dress to ‘blend in’ and try not to draw attention to my figure.
    But now I’ve had the pleasure of reading your blog.And I’ll be honest-I cried because when I read your mission post and the posts of other women.It was like I finally had a connection to other women who,not only understood my self confidence issues, but also thought that a figure like mine could be beautiful. So thank you Edith.Thank you so much.

    • Comment from Edith

      wow! thanx so much for your beautiful words.
      Accepting yourself is the most beautiful thing!
      Enjoy my blog and keep follow me!

  • Comment from Ais

    Until I read your blog, I hadn’t thought of myself as an in-betweenie; I’d always thought of myself as plus-sized. Not that I need a label, but it’s interesting to think about. You see, most shops here do not carry above a size 44EU, anything larger is considered “plus size”, so I just assumed everyone felt I was plus size as well.

    I discovered that many times I’m too large to shop in one store (44EU limit), but too small to fit into the 50 EU that is the smallest some plus size shops carry. What happened to the 46-48 EU sizes? It seems they’ve been swallowed by the void more often than not.

    Love the blog and the mission 🙂

  • Comment from verena

    I got the link of your blog from the website of an austrian women-magazine called “woman”. I´m so excited! I love your blog. I´m trying to lose weight now since 2011. I lost 30 kilogramms. But now I´m getting tierd of it. Know you opend my eyes. I control my weight now and start enjoying live. Without thinking of kcal. Thank you so much.

  • Comment from Nelleke Vos

    Ga vooral zo door! Volgens mij loopt het prima en word je almaar bekender met je “inbetweenies”.

  • Comment from Emilee Major

    Have you ever read, or heard something and just thought to yourself 'yes, this; this is what I have been trying to recognise and articulate to myself for years'. Because that's how I feel reading your blog. As someone who enjoys exercise and eating healthy, I'm on the smaller side of the 'in-betweenies' (love the term) but that never stopped me from noticing how much bigger I was than my friends and other girls I saw, and being constantly frustrated by it. So thanks for giving in-betweenies of all shapes and sizes their chance to shine, and to show how beautiful they are. Maybe with the help of your blog I will finally be able to break my addiction to drapey t-shirts and dresses more suited to tall, thin girls. 😛

  • Comment from Sarah Cusick

    I just came across this and am beyond excited to start reading what you have to say. 😀

  • Comment from Vittoria

    I love your blog 🙂

  • Comment from Ellen

    Hallo Edith,
    Toen ik in de vrouw las dat jij een collectie hebt gemaakt voor inbetweenies zoals ik werd ik meteen enthousiast en hoopvol. Heel eerlijk gezegd ben ik teleurgesteld. Als kleur en stijl adviseur ben ik zelf superkritisch op wat ik aan trek en de keuzes die ik maak. Ik ontwerp vaak kleding voor mezelf en laat dat maken. In de opleidingen die ik heb gevolgd vond ik een serie do’s en don’ts voor vrouwen met rondingen. Mocht je je voordeel willen doen met die kennis, neem dan gerust eens contact met me op. Misschien ontwerp je dan voor een nog bredere groep.

    • Comment from Edith

      Ellen, bedankt voor je bericht! En een kritische noot is altijd welkom. Ik heb juist voor de inbetweenie vrouw een label ontworpen.
      Een vrouw die helemaal aansluit op de ‘straight size’ maar vaak loopt deze maar tot maat 42.
      En niet zo zeer voor de curvy vrouw. Tja wat is curvy? Ideaal is de zandloper en deze vrouw past perfect in mijn collectie! Maar de peer waan je je in een ware ‘snoepjeswinkel’ in mijn collectie.
      Uiteraard heb ik rekening gehouden met de zgn ‘knelpunten’ dus meer ruimte bij borsten, heupen en boven armen. Uiteraard kun je all bloesjes gewoon open dragen, mocht je grote borsten hebben en een V-hals wilt creeren. Naar mijn mening zijn jurkjes en blazers de ultieme combinatie voor vele vrouwen. Leuk dat je jouw kennis met mij wilt delen. Maar als fashion styliste en ook imago styliste heb ik veel kennis in huis. Ik sluit niet uit dat ik altijd wat kan leren! Ik hoor graag meer over wat er mis is! Dus misschien komen we elkaar wel eens tegen! Of mogen we elkaar een keer ontmoeten. Edith

  • Comment from oshi

    hollaaa Edith, goede avond! *at my time

    I’m so inspired by you Edith..so lucky that I could find this web..:). My name is Oshi, and I come form beautiful country Indonesia..have you ever been here? 😉
    I’m so interesting with your issues about curvy, thou am a woman with ‘plus-size’ body at size 14, as you said “Too big for regular sizes and too small for plus sizes”..And my girlfriends around me also complained the same thing..it’s difficult to find the ‘inbetween’ size..Even there’s international brand like Mark n Spencer, but that’s too expensive for them..
    I like fashion, but i can’t design the clothes..:(
    I want to make a new trend in Indonesia, my country, by having new brand for those curvy girls..But i don’t know how to start it..?
    I need your opinion? a person who can brainstorm with X(

    Bedankt Edith..

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