Robyn shines in Clements Ribeiro designs!

And here it is!! The second Clements Ribeiro for the Evans Swan collection! And of course gorgeous Robyn Lawley is once again the face of this collection! It looks great, love the prints and the styling is fantastic!

Comfortable in your own skin

I just hope you can recognize yourself in this quote! Dare to be a strong woman!
Illustration: Jen Oaks

Denise, a sexy powerwoman!

Gorgeous inbetweenie Denise Bidot (size 46 EU) from MUSE NYC and Brigitte Models. She will shine in the program Curvy Girls in a nice fashion story! Photography by Chelzea Jessica Lee, styling by Barborka Jindrakova, and make-up & hair by Jenna Kuchera.
Great story, love the styling! Edgy, but sexy. Well done!

“I am normal, so why am I called plus size?”

A statement from Robyn in an interview with LOOK magazine: “I am normal, so why am I called plus size?”. Let’s just stop talking about plus size, when we see an average size of woman. Check again the interview with Robyn, about being a ‘realistic size‘. I can only totally agree. Average size women should be represented more in fashion, next to smaller sizes and the real plus size women. In the end: we are all women, and we love them all!

Goodbye, size zero. Hello, normality

This a the solution for too skinny models! I am so proud of this organisation! ALLWALKS encourages ‘future Alexander McQueens’ to design clothes for real size women. I totally agree with All Walks! This is their slogan.

“Do plus size clothes for teens encourage obesity?”

An article on made me really upset! “Do plus size clothes for teens encourage obesity?” That is what the organization National Action Against Obesity think. OMG… it’s about time there will be ‘young fashion’ in larger sizes. Especially girls in their puberty, are struggling with sizes. I already wrote an article about this issue: Younger fashion for the ‘inbetweenies’!
“And when everybody else has fashion, you should, too.” A great quote of plus size model, author and campaigner Emme.

Forever 21, Asos Curve, Carma Koma, 17sundays, Veto jeans and Zizzi already have a young looking collection. But where are the others? Specially in the younger group of inbetweenies and plus size there is a BIG need for clothes in their size. A lot of brands, specialized in plus size have a ‘too mature look’. These teenage girls don’t want to look like their mum! HAHA time enough for that! No, they want fashion, girly stuff and clothes even their style icons or idols would wear! But in their size!
And another thing, not only teenagers want to have ‘young looking clothes’. Even grown up inbetweenies are shouting for some cool stuff! I think fashion and young can go together! This group wants fashion in their size!

This campaign from Forever21 with Tara Lynn…

Valerie and Denise for Zizzi

Gorgeous inbetweenie in lingerie…

Gorgeous inbetweenie (size 42-44 EU) Tine, from Belgium, Brigitte Models in a beautiful lingerie story. Photography Zanita Morgan.

Robyn: “I’m a normal girl”

Inspired by ‘strong, not-too-skinny’ models of the 1990’s, like Linda Evangelista, Queen of the inbetweenies Robyn Lawley (size 40-42 EU) hopes she can be a source of inspiration for others, as well. A small interview with Robyn in People. “When I signed on as a plus-size model my friends and family were shocked because I’m a normal girl. My friends are my size. They see their bodies in mine, so it gives them hope. They can see me in a lingerie and say, ‘I want to buy that lingerie, I’ll look amazing.’ If people can relate to me, it’s a good thing.” This is exactly what I am telling the fashion world: inbetweenies are the normal size girls. But why aren’t we treated normal? But are we special? Can’t we shop in normal shops to find gorgeous clothes? With role models as Robyn, we are working all together on size diversity in fashion.

This picture: Robyn (on the left) in Persona by Marina Rinaldi, she isn’t PLUS SIZE… no, she’s an inbetweenie, a normal size woman!

LOVE campaign

Kind of the same reaction as mine a time ago on the Victoria’s Secret models against Dove women. Skinny or curvy is not a war. And this time the answer of healthy is the new skinny. Healthy women in different sizes: the LOVE campaign. We share the same mission: diversity and healthy models in fashion! Check out the VIDEO, backstage of the photoshoot. And some reactions of people on Facebook.

Tips & Tricks for sizes XS to XL

I am proud of this big style production in Dutch magazine Libelle with 150 tips & tricks for sizes XS to XL. Diversity in fashion is my mission. And here it is! You see 3 gorgeous models in different sizes: 34, 40 and 44 (EU)! If you want to read this STYLE GUIDE

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