‘Style and beauty is a self confidence’


On Youtube I saw this discussion about body image. Oh, boy… these women are sooo right! I got inspired by all their stories. These are strong and confident women discussing Read more…

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My curvy girl-tips on ZE.nl




Today I’m giving some tips for ‘curvy girls’ on ZE.nl. The article is by inbetweenie Xandra (size 42 EU/12US) , from Xanss Place. This is THE online magazine in the Netherlands, about beauty, shop, travel, sex, relations, gossips and cooking. Everything women love to read about. Hope the readers like my tips and hopefully than will be proud of themselves. And show the world they are gorgeous in any size!

“Beauty starts in your head…”

“Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror.”

Weigh beauty…

If style or beauty has no size, it’s just not possible to weigh beauty…

38. Real inbetweenie: Siza Mkize

“An advocate of health”

Robyn about accepting herself and being proud of her size and body.

Soft, strong and absolutely FASHION!

Beautiful pictures of Denise Bidot made by the great photographer Jessica Lucassi. Just love her style: soft, strong and absolutely FASHION! And so great she can create fantastic pictures of different size models. Big applause, Jessica! Hope to work together someday!

37. Real inbetweenie: Jada-Sezer

“You can be accepted, loved or valued at any size”

Such a strong and personal message from one of my favorite and unique models, Christina Marie Boudreau (size 42 EU, 12 US), from Heffner Management on Facebook:
“At twelve years old I believed the lies of the media. Which told me that if I were thin, then I would be accepted, popular, loved, beautiful, and valued. After 7 years of eating disorders, I have seen girls at 80 pounds with tubes in their arms, who don’t feel beautiful or valued. In addition I have also seen curvy confident women who are free because they have trained their minds and hearts to love themselves despite societies standards of beauty. Take it from me girls, you CAN be accepted, loved or valued at any size. BUT, you cannot expect others to love you, if you haven’t first learned to love yourself.”

Surround yourself with positive people

Gorgeous inbetweenie Jessica Eisner (size 44) model with Bella Models in Australia. She has a great message for you!

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