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‘RELAXED CHIC’ by For me, Elena Miro


Yesterday was the ‘RELAXED CHIC’ fashion show in Milan by For me, Elena Miro. In the picture above you can see Laura & Olessia and another model Read more…

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Runway of the future shows fall/winter 2013

Yes…. yesterday was THE DAY of the ‘ideal runway of the future’: ‘For me’ by Elena Miro! Gorgeous in-between size (38, 40, 42 EU) models were shining on the catwalk in Milan! Milan Fashion Week started today! Tall girls with great proportions. These girls don’t look FAT to me. It is possible to show healthy girls on a runway and show some real fashion… damn! I LOVE it!

And again I couldn’t make it… I just hope next season.. I know…I said this 6 months ago as well! I saw Camilla Hansen (size 42 EU) and Laura Catterall (size 42 EU) showing some great items. I really like the new collection, but it looked more ‘safe’ to me. In the past there were more extreme dresses and looks. The only thing they could have skipped, is the fur, because I am just against fur in fashion.

Some runway looks…

Last minute sewing before starting the show…

Camilla Hansen is showing her shoes…

Some girls together with Elena Schiavon, from Impulse Mag.

Inbetweenie models Laura Catterall, Olessia Roudtchenko and Emma Wood from 12+ UK.

‘Just call us models’

Wow, look at these gorgeous inbetweenies from model agency MUSE+ NYC! They represent models in ‘regular’ sizes and plus sizes. Last year the plus division also did a promo shoot. And now again. Because people always expect large, full figured women when they think about plus size models. Even if you disagree on principle, a 40 EU/10 US is considered plus size in the fashion industry. I think it’s about time to call these girls: inbetweenie models or just models. There should be a better integration or mix of these models with regular models in the ‘regular size fashion’ industry.
And for plus size fashion you can do the same: mix the smaller and the larger plus size models to more size diversity as well!

From left to right: Jessica Lewis (size 42 EU), Camilla Hansen (size 42 EU), Justine Legault (size 44/46 EU), Marcelle Pallais (size 44 EU), Denise Bidot (size 44/46 EU), Karissa Rodriguez (size 44 EU), Kailee O’sullivan (size 42/44 EU), Lizzie Miller (size 42 EU), Kristyna Misovcova (size 40 EU), Mille Huckova (size 42 EU), Kathryn Crichlow (size 44 EU), Anna Adams (size 40/42 EU) and Andrea Wahlgren (size 42 EU).



Photographer: Jessica Lucassi.

Whitney and Camilla in Panache Lingerie

Beautiful Whitney Thompson (size 44 EU), Milk Management, showing her curves for lingerie brand Panache for the new Sculptresse range.



And also gorgeous Camilla Hansen (size 42), Milk Management for Panache, for their line Masquerade.




Average size women on catwalk Elena Miro show

Because I was in Paris, I missed the ‘For me’ by Elena Miro show in Milan. But here is the collection! And watching the video feels like I was there! This time not only inbetweenies like Camilla Hansen or Laura Catterall were on the runway, also I see some sizes 38 and small 40… show of diversity and real sizes! Well done again, Elena Miro!!! Where can I send my order??

“We’re not going away”

Such a great interview from PEEPERS Denmark with gorgeous inbetweenie Camilla Hansen (size 42), from MUSE NYC. I recognize so many things she’s saying. And I think many inbetweenies will recognize this story! “The only role models I have ever had, have been my mum and grandmother who loved their body”. She confirmed what I have been saying for a long time now: the (European) fashion industry has to open their eyes “and don’t look down on us because we’re a little bigger”.

Today: THE runway filled with inbetweenies!

OMG…. can’t wait to see the new winter collection of Elena Miro.
Already some sneak previews on the net…. Pictures of Robyn Lawley, Camilla Hansen, Kristyna Misovcova, Milina Huckova and Stephanie Shiu…
Later this day, we can all see the result of the show in Milan.

Inbetweenie Camilla Hansen “Body Double”

In LoveCat magazine a great “Body Double” story with inbetweenie Camilla Hansen from Muse NYC agency. This story shows a plus size model is NOT fat! She has a beautiful healthy body! The only thing: it looks inspired by the Vogue Italia story last year! I don’t care, can’t see enough of these fashionshoots without mentioning it’s an inbetweenie or plus size model!

The mix of a straight size and a plus size is the future!!! Think sizeless! Think diversity!

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