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Carma Koma now available at Read more…

Carma Koma is looking for inbetweenies!!!


Danish plus size brand Carma Koma is looking for gorgeous inbetweenies! Maybe a great opportunity to start as a model? Check their Read more…

Copenhagen fashion week: size diversity


Last Friday, Carma Koma (size 42-54 EU) showed their collection in Copenhagen, during fashion week. Together with Peepers Denmark they show some size diversity. The ‘star’ of the runway was Fluvia Lacerda (size 48 EU). And of course the Danish media paid a lot of attention to the show and interviewed her on LORRY TV and on Go’morgen Danmark. The last one is in English, so easy to follow. A nice interview with Fluvia, about being a role model for many women all over the world: “beauty comes in different shapes”.
The only thing I don’t get, is why they show the winter collection instead of the new spring/summer.



This week in Viva magazine!

Just don’t hope the Dutch readers are having a ‘overkill’ of me in the magazines. Last week in Dutch magazine Flair and this week in Dutch magazine Viva. The article is about ‘bloggers with a mission’. As you know I have a BIG mission: more size diversity in media, magazines, runways and movies. I think it’s cool to be the only ‘Dutchie’ in this article! Next to Lauren Friedman from Washington, Jenni Radosevich from New York and Ariel Sansaricq from Boston.
My shopping tips: Primark, Asos, Carma Koma and Anna Scholz.



Express yourself

And there’s the new spring/summer collection of Carma Koma (sizes 42-54 EU)! Lots of black and white… even for spring and summer! I love their quote: “Express yourself”. I picked some looks I really love! I like the more feminine items. I wish there was a little bit more of colour. But I am in love with the floral print skirt, stripes and polka dot dress!

These are absolutely my favorites. 1.The black plokadot dress. 2. See through top on a leather skirt. 3.Black blouse on a floral print skirt. 4.Printed dress. 5. Grey/black shirtdress.

Shopping discount!

December, an expensive month… but you get 10% discount through my blog at Just use this code: JPZ537 and save a little money… by shopping for the great brands Anna Scholz, Elena Miro, Sallie Sahne, Zizzi and Carma Koma… enjoy!

‘A label with a number’

A beautiful quote of the designers of Carma Koma: Heidie Lykke and Angelica Weiss.

“Do plus size clothes for teens encourage obesity?”

An article on made me really upset! “Do plus size clothes for teens encourage obesity?” That is what the organization National Action Against Obesity think. OMG… it’s about time there will be ‘young fashion’ in larger sizes. Especially girls in their puberty, are struggling with sizes. I already wrote an article about this issue: Younger fashion for the ‘inbetweenies’!
“And when everybody else has fashion, you should, too.” A great quote of plus size model, author and campaigner Emme.

Forever 21, Asos Curve, Carma Koma, 17sundays, Veto jeans and Zizzi already have a young looking collection. But where are the others? Specially in the younger group of inbetweenies and plus size there is a BIG need for clothes in their size. A lot of brands, specialized in plus size have a ‘too mature look’. These teenage girls don’t want to look like their mum! HAHA time enough for that! No, they want fashion, girly stuff and clothes even their style icons or idols would wear! But in their size!
And another thing, not only teenagers want to have ‘young looking clothes’. Even grown up inbetweenies are shouting for some cool stuff! I think fashion and young can go together! This group wants fashion in their size!

This campaign from Forever21 with Tara Lynn…

Valerie and Denise for Zizzi

My Carma Koma favorites…

I already showed you some looks with samples of the winter collection 2012 of Carma Koma. These are my 7 favorite looks! What do you think?

Attitude is everything

Some pictures of the new collection of Carma Koma, available from August 2012. And I already can show you some pieces! Love the black and white in stripes or little birds.

Already some looks with Carma Koma items!

Fluvia Lacerda, the sexy model is the face for LAB/27 in this video.

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