Triumph is looking for curves!


You can shine as these gorgeous models above in a great campaign! Since 1886 Triumph makes lingerie for women with their beautiful shape and curves. The Read more…

Behind the scenes video open call Ford+

A video to get an impression how the open call for Ford+ Model went. Seeing also 2 gorgeous inbetweenies from Australia.

Will Ford plus have new TOP INBETWEENIES?

Today Ford+ was looking for some new inbetweenies! That casting was today in NYC and here are some pictures, also some from Lady K Designs. I spotted Kaela Humphries and other models already signed with Ford. Will there be some new TOP INBETWEENIES?

Backstage @ casting of runway inbetweenies

Do you remember: looking-for-some-beautiful-runway-inbetweenies ? Now you can see how the casting day was. A lot of beautiful inbetweenies came for the casting. Some pictures and even a little video.

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