Happier in life and with their looks


A very nice result of a research about being happy… Read more…

Is Jennifer Livingston too fat for TV?

So brave of Jennifer Livingston, CBS TV host, to tell about receiving an email of someone saying she’s too fat for TV and telling her: “Obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain.” Jennifer responds very cool and professional on this email and says: “stop bullying!” And I totally agree… you don’t know people. It doesn’t matter what age, what race or size you are. EveryBODY is beautiful! And another thing, it’s about time we will see more and more size diversity on TV, movies and magazine.

120 years Vogue in one archive!

A video on cbsnews.com with Anna Wintour about the Vogue Archive, because of the 120 anniversary of Vogue. It shows every single issue of American Vogue from 1892. You’ll pay $1,575 a year to become a member to see the archived issues.

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