Marina Rinaldi: GIORNO

The Italian brand Marina Rinaldi is one of the only high end brands for plus size women. This is the GIORNO collection. MR has different styles in their spring/summer collection. This is one of these styles.







“Dare to be different, have fun and rock on!”

Last night at Amsterdam Fashion Week: Spijkers-Sisters. Truus and Riet Spijkers presented their AW1314 SIS collection. This collection can best be described as ‘sweet rock & roll’ and is an homage to the emerging youth cultures of the fifties.

Sweet rock & roll; back to the days where rebels were sweethearts in bold combinations of traditional garments and fabrics. The Arnhem design-duo shows a collection with branded college-sweaters, polka dots, checkprints and fresh colour combinations. The blinking eye print in a black and light blue version gives a sassy twist to the collection and tells us that we can always make a small protest with the way we dress.
Feel free to show your own identity and dare to be different, have fun and rock on!

I love this last sentence… dare to be different, have fun and rock on! And this is my message when it becomes to fashion and your own style! Dare to be different, in any size and style. And to all women and men out there: dare to be noticed! And to Truus and Riet: can you make this lace/polka dot/eye-dress in my size?




Express yourself

And there’s the new spring/summer collection of Carma Koma (sizes 42-54 EU)! Lots of black and white… even for spring and summer! I love their quote: “Express yourself”. I picked some looks I really love! I like the more feminine items. I wish there was a little bit more of colour. But I am in love with the floral print skirt, stripes and polka dot dress!

These are absolutely my favorites. 1.The black plokadot dress. 2. See through top on a leather skirt. 3.Black blouse on a floral print skirt. 4.Printed dress. 5. Grey/black shirtdress.

Meet and greet

During the ‘live event’ of The KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION for Dorothy Perkins in London! A real ‘meet and greet’ with the 3 sisters! I just love to see this ‘real’ (read: not photoshopped) picture of the 3 girls! Now you can see the height difference of the 3 girls. And surprisely: most of the girls had dark, brown hair! All look-a-likes or wanna-be’s? Not many blonds…

The height difference of the 3 girls.

Meet and greet

To make more Kardashian-copies

Kardashians Kollection!

The KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION (yes, it’s a K and not a C) have chosen a great day to launch their collection on Dorothy Perkins: MY birthday!!!! A really big collection, many items… But not everything is my style. I have picked out some of my favorites. Disappointed: it only goes up to size 44!

Evans golden ‘swan’ couple: Robyn & Tara!

Evans is in the middle of re-branding themselves and Clements Ribeiro will be the first plus size designer collaboration of this size in the UK. The name of the collection: Swan, elegant and sensuous. The choice of models couldn’t be better: inbetweenies Robyn Lawley and Tara Lynn.

The Clements Ribeiro for Evans collection took inspiration from what Tom Ford said about the naked image of Sophie Dahl which was used by Opium a few years ago: ‘She looks as if she had too much of a good time: too much food, too much drink, too much sex.’

Already a sneak preview, but I can’t wait to see more of this collection!

PLease, Marni for H&M in my size!

An editorial in this month’s Vogue Russia featuring a whole lot of Marni for H&M. We start to see more and more of this collection. A lot of graphic prints…. love this style, would love to wear this collection! The collars, the printed T shirt…. Well done H&M and Marni!!! Hopefully H&M will extend the sizes, so that inbetweenies can also wear this collection! And can I have one of these wigs?

A small ‘Sahne’ impression….

A small impression of the spring collection of Sallie Sahne. Of course you can check the whole collection on their website! I love how they styled this collection on a real inbetweenie!

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