Joanne Borgella is the new curvy girl!


From left to the right: Ivory May, Lornalitz Baez, Denise Bidot, Joanne Borgella and Rosie Mercado. Joanne Borgella is the new curvy girl! Such a great group of Read more…

I looooooooooove…

Great to see these gorgeous inbetweenies in the video for Zizzi. Denise Bidot looks beautiful and I have to agree with their slogan: we looooove curves!

I love the styling in these pictures, starring Tara Lynn.

‘Just call us models’

Wow, look at these gorgeous inbetweenies from model agency MUSE+ NYC! They represent models in ‘regular’ sizes and plus sizes. Last year the plus division also did a promo shoot. And now again. Because people always expect large, full figured women when they think about plus size models. Even if you disagree on principle, a 40 EU/10 US is considered plus size in the fashion industry. I think it’s about time to call these girls: inbetweenie models or just models. There should be a better integration or mix of these models with regular models in the ‘regular size fashion’ industry.
And for plus size fashion you can do the same: mix the smaller and the larger plus size models to more size diversity as well!

From left to right: Jessica Lewis (size 42 EU), Camilla Hansen (size 42 EU), Justine Legault (size 44/46 EU), Marcelle Pallais (size 44 EU), Denise Bidot (size 44/46 EU), Karissa Rodriguez (size 44 EU), Kailee O’sullivan (size 42/44 EU), Lizzie Miller (size 42 EU), Kristyna Misovcova (size 40 EU), Mille Huckova (size 42 EU), Kathryn Crichlow (size 44 EU), Anna Adams (size 40/42 EU) and Andrea Wahlgren (size 42 EU).



Photographer: Jessica Lucassi.

Young and fashionable Denise

Another beautiful photoshoot of gorgeous inbetweenie model Denise Bidot by photographer Anthony Evans. Aren’t they just great? Really some young and fashionable feeling. Love the light and atmosphere.

The top inbetweenies of 2012

Truth and Fashion is a great website and a nice blog. They created a top 8 of the best (inbetweenie) models of 2012… Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Ashley Graham, Whitney Thompson, Lizzie Miller and Naomi Shimada. I totally agree with these models! Are all favorites of mine as well! I could put some more lovely inbetweenies in this list. What about Bree Warren, Katya Zharkova and some new faces as Clementine L J Desseaux, Christina Marie Boudreau and Kristina Yeo? These new and fresh faces will be in the list of 2013! I will show you that these beautiful ‘ambassadors’ are as beautiful as regular size models. That’s the reason I always say that style and beauty has NOTHING to do with a SIZE. These women are good looking and healthy!

Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Ashley Graham, Whitney Thompson, Lizzie Miller and Naomi Shimada.

Bree Warren, Clementine L J Desseaux, Christina Marie Boudreau, Katya Zharkova and Kristina Yeo

A real impression of the plus size fashion industry

Sooooo addicted watching Curvy Girls of Nuvo TV. Finally we can watch this show here in Europe. So great seeing 4 different type of plus size models living their life and doing their jobs. Lornalitz (size 40-42) is the smallest of them all, Denise (size 46), Rosie (size 56-58) and Ivory (size 42-44). It’s great to have a better impression how the plus size industry shows so much size diversity. It would be great to have that in the regular industry as well. Seeing sizes 36 next a size 40 or size 44.
Now they have a casting call for the next season, casting will be the week of January 7th in NYC. It’s a great show to get a real impression of the plus size fashion industry. Wish it would come to Europe as well.

You see the picture, made for Plus Model Magazine. And Ivory is in the middle. And respect to these models, being naked in this picture and in the episode!

Denise Bidot is really my favorite. She’s a beautiful inbetweenie and she’s got the right shape body.

Soft, strong and absolutely FASHION!

Beautiful pictures of Denise Bidot made by the great photographer Jessica Lucassi. Just love her style: soft, strong and absolutely FASHION! And so great she can create fantastic pictures of different size models. Big applause, Jessica! Hope to work together someday!

“The Stranger”

Beautiful inbetweenie Denise Bidot in a great exclusive editorial, called “The Stranger”, by Madison Plus. Great styling and everything she wears, you can buy on Madison Plus.

Denise, a sexy powerwoman!

Gorgeous inbetweenie Denise Bidot (size 46 EU) from MUSE NYC and Brigitte Models. She will shine in the program Curvy Girls in a nice fashion story! Photography by Chelzea Jessica Lee, styling by Barborka Jindrakova, and make-up & hair by Jenna Kuchera.
Great story, love the styling! Edgy, but sexy. Well done!

Curvy Girls in different sizes

I wish we could see this programme in the Netherlands: Curvy Girls, which will start this autumn on NuVo TV. Lornalitz, Denise, Rosie and Ivory are 4 plus size models in different sizes in Hollywood. Denise Bidot passes by a lot! And I love her look! The programme will show the glamorous world of professional modelling of these plus size models. Their passion and pride, but secret battles with insecurity, eating disorders and rocky relationships. And the battle between the different models.
September 18th will be the 2 hour world premiere of CURVY GIRLS.

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