Nobody wants to hear about your diet.


“Nobody wants to hear about your diet. Just shut up! eat your lettuce and be sad.”

Weight does not dictate your health


Such a great message of Julie Rochefort, during Ted X in 2012. Julie Rochefort is a beautiful thin woman who weighs ‘only’ 50 kilos. But this Read more…



Yes, I am trying to eat healthy. No, I am not on a diet!



Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will!

The scale can’t measure beauty


‘The scale can’t measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength or love.’

Because it’s anti diet day today, today Dutch ‘meldpunt dieetleed’ has started to Read more…

‘It’s all about style, not size’


In this week’s issue of Dutch magazine Flair there’s an article about diets. Stop shakes and eating only salads! “It’s all about style, not size”. Haha…. do you recognize Read more…

2 different sized models about food!

Model Anne Marie Van Dijk (straight size model).

You say ‘model’ and you think of a diet. Raw carrots, no oil, no fats, don’t even mention sugar. In short: endless sadness. Those who walk the Read more…

Eefjes struggle…


Eefje van Ostaden (size 48 EU, 1.65m) is going to write a column in a Dutch magazine Viva, every 2 weeks. As you know I am NOT pro diet! But I am for a healthy lifestyle. This gorgeous and proud girl is going to write about her life struggling with her overweight and her size. She has always been a curvy girl and she always will be. She hopes to become a size 42 EU by losing 25/30 kilo’s. As a ‘plus size’ woman with a positive attitude, she lives very unhealthily at the moment and now it’s time to change! She going to eat healthily and is going to the gym with her personal trainer. But she will not lose her beautiful curves… because that’s what she loves about herself!

I don’t want people to start dieting, no… absolutely NOT… but my opinion is, when you struggle with your weight and feel uncomfortable about it… it’s time to change. It’s all about how YOU feel about yourself.
I think it’s gonna be a funny column with some sarcasm about just ‘eating salad’ and maybe falling in love with her personal trainer.. who knows…

Healthy life style is the new diet

Yesterday there was a discussion on twitter, because I mentioned the following: “Why are ‘popular blogs’ promoting diets to young girls? You should help these girls to love their body and be proud of themselves.”
The conclusion: “#HealthyLifeStyle is the new #diet of #2013”.
I will help you, to accept yourself, your size and your body and be proud of it. If you’re not feeling good or confident about yourself, you should do something about that. Go to the gym, do a workout you really enjoy, and feel better.

Healthy food will also do you so much good! I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. I want to show you with my blog there’s nothing wrong with having a size 42 or 44 (EU). I show you many beautiful inbetweenies on my blog, who are proud and confident. I think when you are confident, everybody in every size is beautiful! And when you see more and more size diversity in the media, the easier it will be for you to accept yourself!

And no, being a size 42, 44, 46 is not obesity. Come on! I am a promoter of a healthy life style. I am not a promoter of obesity or anorexia. Because as everybody knows, this is not healthy.
I am not against diets, but I am not promoting them. Most of them don’t work. There are many good coaches out there, who will support you when you can’t do it yourself. Just be proud and work on a healthy way of life!

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