Eating healthy because you love your body, not because you hate it


Why do we feel ashamed when eating a biscuit or a slice of cake? And how can one person pour down liters of softdrinks without gaining weight, but can the other feel the kilos pile up just by looking at a chocolate cake? In this article we are looking at food, shame and how to feel good about what you eat. Read more…

No one wants to see fat women on the runway?


Karl Lagerfeld on Jean Marc Morandini: “Personne ne veut voir les rondes sur les podiums”. Translated: “No one wants to see fat women on the runway, and fat people Read more…

Am I skinny yet?

Some humour on this Sunday morning… Am I skinny yet? LOL


Is your diet making you fat?

An article on about diets making you fat. And on some answers of Susie Orbach. She wants to overhaul your eating habits and start a class action lawsuit against Weight Watchers International. “If dieting worked, you’d only have to do it once. Weight Watchers, like most diet companies, depends on repeat customers.” How should a healthy woman eat? “Put it this way: How should a healthy woman pee? She should pee when she needs to, and not under regulation.” Do these pressures come from men?” I don’t think it’s men alone. I think something takes root in the culture. Much of this goes back to the marketing and style industries, who make a very strange economic argument that you can somehow sell glamour by reducing everyone down to one size.” What do you think? Is your diet making you fat?

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