Dita von Teese for MAC


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Xmas Advent Calendar: A Dita doll

Time to open number 15!

Dolls for grown ups! This is the Dita von Teese doll, Knuffels à la carte.

“I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute”

A can only agree….

Curvy doesn’t mean you’re plus size or an inbetweenie!

Why are all people, magazines or TV programs talking about curvy when they are talking about plus size. Let me tell you for once and for all: curvy is a body shape and it’s not the same as plus size or being an inbetweenie. There are a lot of curvy women who have a very small size, like Dita von Teese. The ideal women’s body shape is an hourglass. And being an hourglass means: having curves. It doesn’t matter what size you are: a size 36 or 46 (EU). If you are a 46 hourglass: I will call your shape a beautiful cello.

I want to show you some curvy women: Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, Christina Hendricks and Dita von Teese. They all have the hourglass shape. And you can see their measurements. This shows not all curvy women are plus size!

The funniest thing is that we should forget the idea that Marilyn Monroe was a size 42-44… please! Her measurements in her time was a size 42. But comparing these sizes in this time: she was a 34-36. And centimeters don’t lie!

Check : Fame Measurements for more celebrity sizes!

Dita von Teese: “we show curvaceous women and fuller-figured girls”

Dita Von Teese has launched her Von Follies lingerie collection in Australia this week at the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, a latest collection for Target. What was so great about this collection in particular? She wanted to show it on curvy women in different sizes. She said “It’s important to me we show curvaceous women and fuller-figured girls. Lingerie looks terrific on girls with shape.” She also went on to say that she turned away many skinny girls as she wanted to use more voluptuous shapes. The only thing, the collection only goes up to size 20 (AU/UK).
I saw some inbetweenies in the show as well.. Isn’t that just great? Showing some diversity?

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