Alexander McQueen: a big step for size acceptance

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Minx by Eva Lutz shows again a great model diversity!


Well done, Eva!! Showing model diversity! Read more…

Average size women on catwalk Elena Miro show

Because I was in Paris, I missed the ‘For me’ by Elena Miro show in Milan. But here is the collection! And watching the video feels like I was there! This time not only inbetweenies like Camilla Hansen or Laura Catterall were on the runway, also I see some sizes 38 and small 40… show of diversity and real sizes! Well done again, Elena Miro!!! Where can I send my order??

Zelda Kaplan passed away fashionably

I already wrote about Style has no AGE. At NYC Fashionweek 95 years old Zelda Kaplan fashionably passed away, sitting front row at a fashionshow. “She will clearly be missed — her passion, her enthusiasm,” said designer Joanna Mastroianni, whose show Kaplan had attended when she fell faint. “It leaves me speechless.” More on Advanced STYLE

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