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Beautiful pictures of gorgeous Dutch model Imme Visser (size 38-40 EU/8-10 US), photographed by Bianca Toeps. Beautiful LA feeling, pastels and Read more…

Gorgeous Alessandra Garcia Lorido

If your name is ‘Andy Garcia’s daughter’ you are certainly looking good! I’m talking about gorgeous inbetweenie Alessandra Garcia Lorido, size 44-46 EU/14-16 US. Such a beautiful model, she’s with Natural Models LA and already has some layouts in Elle and Vogue Italy, plus. She was on the cover of the Style Guide issue of Healthy is the New Skinny a year ago.








On the Healthy is the New Skinny board!

From now I am also blogging on Healthy is the New Skinny. A great website, I was a fan from day 1! We share the same message and the same mission. I am very proud te be asked to blog on HNS. The capital letters are almost the same as my blog: SHNS. Isn’t it the perfect match?
Check out their website and follow me and of course all the other bloggers with same mission!

‘Healthy is the new Skinny’ LIVE

‘Healthy is the new Skinny’ is going LIVE! This Thursday night at 7:00pm (US) you will get the chance to watch and chat live with 8 professional models who are all different sizes! These girls are ready to talk about body image, industry size requirements, photoshop, and what it means to be healthy! So don’t miss your chance to ask these girls questions you are dying to know or maybe you want to get something off your chest… lets talk about it!

Today at 7:00pm on their FB PAGE!!!!

“It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy.”

A great quote and message from Rihanna: “You shouldn’t be pressured into trying to be thin by the fashion industry, because they only want models that are like human mannequins. But you have to remember that it’s not practical or possible for an everyday woman to look like that. Being size zero is a career in itself so we shouldn’t try and be like them. It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy.”

LOVE campaign

Kind of the same reaction as mine a time ago on the Victoria’s Secret models against Dove women. Skinny or curvy is not a war. And this time the answer of healthy is the new skinny. Healthy women in different sizes: the LOVE campaign. We share the same mission: diversity and healthy models in fashion! Check out the VIDEO, backstage of the photoshoot. And some reactions of people on Facebook.

We’re ready for the summer!

Here in Holland we can’t wait for the summer anymore… We would love to wear our swimwear and enjoy the sun! This picture is shared by Healthy is the new skinny. Love this diversity of sizes!

Show models in sizes they naturally are!

Behind the scenes of the shoot. Natural Models Hannah & Bo, Bekah & Jen, April & Danika and Lisa. Healthy is the new skinny shows: you don’t have to be too skinny or too fat to be a model! Be a model in the size you naturally are! Some gorgeous models, some of them are healthy inbetweenies! And yes, swimwear looks so much better on these bodies than on size zero’s!

Ridiculous talk about our bodies…

On Healthy is the New Skinny: “Sometimes we don’t realize how ridiculous we sound when we talk about our bodies. Here’s to being real and giving healthy compliments to each other.”

Prevent modelling agencies from using very skinny women on catwalks…

The Guardian came with an article about Anorexia. New Research suggests government should prevent the use of underweight models. Governments are justified in using the law to prevent modelling agencies from using very skinny women on catwalks and stop magazines from printing adverts and photographs that suggest extreme thinness is attractive, according to research from the LSE. Young women, who make up 90% of anorexia nervosa cases, are influenced by the size and weight of their peer group (= a social group)

I think this is a good movement… healthy is the new skinny, please let models be humans and women again! A healthy size 36 or 38 is even more beautiful! Because (young) women are having a wrong way of beauty nowadays…In media, fashion, magazines and movies there should be more diversity in sizes,colors and ages!

I was in shock during the search for some anorexia images… really in shock…
Please, girls/women: don’t do this! Be proud of who you are! Be beautiful in every size!

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