Finally a plus size BIKINI!!!

I’ve shouted it so many times! I want an INBETWEENIE BIKINI!!!! H&M+ comes with this one…
Wanna have… it’s online now!

No real H&M+ ads…

There was a little rumor in the plus size scene. Is this ad real?? Wow so COOL what H&M+ is doing… Everyone was copying these pictures without asking themselves if these are real or not…
And yes, it’s a fake advertisement. I checked it with H&M press NL. IPM Models shows some pictures of a size 12/14 (US) model with the logo of H&M. But these are not produced by H&M+. This inbetweenie, who is really gorgeous, is wearing a bikini of the regular swimwear collection. H&M+ would never come with this kind of swimwear for their + collection or have a model in ‘this pose’ on the right. Their campaign is with Tara Lynn and their swimwear is most of the time full coverage! In this collection a swimsuit with ruffles and there’s a black bikini with white dots coming!!!! That last one… I wanna have!!!!! Can’t wait till it will be in store or online!



Marni coat was waiting for me…

What a lucky bastard!!!! Today I scored my nr 01 musthave of the Marni by H&M collection: the coat.
In a H&M in The Hague, it was there… in size 42… waiting for me! So happy! Was it meant to be?
Or was I just lucky…

Marni: my style…. and my size!

H&M the Luxe?

H&M is rumoured to be launching its first luxury brand. The new brand would be more expensive than the company’s covetable COS line. Hopefully the sizes of H&M the Luxe are going larger than a size 12 (UK)… If so, I will be very excited and looking forward to it! Are you??

Marni: my style, hopefully in my size!

Only a a couple more weeks… The Marni for H&M collection.The 8th of March this collection will be in the shops..This is SO my style! I love the prints, the graphics, the shapes and the collars! Probably it goes up to size 40… But I’m hoping so badly this will come in my size as well!

In LA, already was the launch of this collections. Celebs like Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder and Milla Jovovich love Marni…

PLease, Marni for H&M in my size!

An editorial in this month’s Vogue Russia featuring a whole lot of Marni for H&M. We start to see more and more of this collection. A lot of graphic prints…. love this style, would love to wear this collection! The collars, the printed T shirt…. Well done H&M and Marni!!! Hopefully H&M will extend the sizes, so that inbetweenies can also wear this collection! And can I have one of these wigs?

Sneak preview Marni For H&M…

Just 1 picture from the new campaign: Marni For H&M! Britisch actress Imogen Poots is the model in this campaign.

BIB is going to be HM+

Spring 2012, H&M is rebranding its plus size collections Big Is Beautiful as H&M+, meaning fashion will always come before size at H&M. Will be launched this spring with a range of modern essentials in sizes 44-54. Hopefully they will bring fashion instead of just clothes, and the sizes will be the real sizes! There are already some items! I love the tunic/dress and the colored trousers. The jacket could have been longer! I am very curious for the new collection! I was hoping ‘+’ means: every regular item from all of the collections became bigger in size…

I like the prints of the cruise collection of Versace for H&M!

Model Abbey Lee Kershaw shows the cruise collection of Versace for H&M. Anothr collection of Versace for H&M, now the summer collection. Dresses, sleepwear and accessories in fresh candy colors. I like the prints, but probably not in my size!

H&M: fake bodies, fake sizes!

The bodies of most of the models H&M features on its website are computer-generated and “completely virtual,” the company has admitted. Oke, that the bodies are not real, is not good. That the sizes are not real, bothers me MORE! A size 44 is a size 40. And at the BIB area, the really plus sizes, are not even real plus anymore. A size 48 of the BIB feels as a 42 to me. Who is fooling who? Please: why don’t the sizes, inside the clothes, match with the real sizes?

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