Hollywood needs some size diversity!

Rebel Wilson

It’s not just the fashion world showing us only one size of women. No! Hollywood is doing the same! Only very, very Read more…

Not only size 0 Golden Globe Dresses…

Yes, the Golden Globe Awards 2012 are always a great moment to see what everyBODY is wearing…. And yes! There are also non-size-0 women in great dresses! Christina Hendricks, Amber Riley, Kate Winslet, Viola Davis, Lisa Gottsegen, Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy. Wow… I am very curious how it would feel like wearing a dress like these…. you must feel special!

Beautiful actress with a healthy looking body.

“She is an accomplished, beautiful woman with an extraordinary body of work, and one of the most admired actors of her generation. Kate Winslet is going to be ‘the face of St John

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