Katya Zharkova about life and beauty.  


A beautiful interview with Katya Zharkova on Marina Rinaldi about life and beauty.

What did you enjoy most about the MR event in Milan you took part in recently? I really Read more…

Katya Zharkova in Plus Model Magazine December!


In the December issue of Plus Model Magazine there’s a small interview with Katya Zharkova and a fashion story with her, in Miami. Photography: Vera Belyavskaya. One of Read more…

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The Marina Rinaldi campaign images


This is the result of the big Marina Rinaldi campaign ‘Women are back’. These pictures are made by Ricardo Vimercati. The pictures Read more…

The other interviews for Marina Rinaldi


For the ‘Women Are Back’ project of Marina Rinaldi interview videos were made with all of us 12! Now all videos are out! Check out these videos below and hear about Read more…

Katya Zharkova in black and white!


A new photoshoot of Russian model Katya Zharkova by photographer Vera Belyavskaya. Katya is one of the most beautiful Read more…

Katya Zharkova in Cosmopolitan Russia?


Is Cosmopolitan Russia also waking up? Katya Zharkova sent me some backstage pictures during her photoshoot today. OMG… can’t wait! This model Read more…

SHNS and the city…. part 2


My 2nd day in the city started with a good breakfast, because it’s gonna be a loooooong day! First prepping styling for todays photoshoot. I went to Aimees place and did Read more…

42. Real inbetweenie: Katya Zharkova

What size are you in centimeters or inches?

I already knew sizes have changed in the past years. I read an article about how the American apparel industry has created an international system of Vanity Sizing on shine.yahoo.com. And about how sizes had changed in 1970 and now the sizes are totally different. But the measurements in cm’s has never changed.

I didn’t know my measurements, I thought I knew my clothing size. When I was making the article about curvy women and their sizes I was so curious to measure myself. I always thought my bottom was a size 46. But the truth said something else. So what size is a standard 46? Or a size 42? Or a size 50?

I am very curious to hear what your size is in cm or inches. Will you help me and fill out a little SIZE-survey? Beneath I show you some directions to measure your sizes. The only thing is, you need sewing tape measures. Maybe your mother, neighbor or a good friend has one!

Some directions to measure yourself!

Why naked?

Plus model mag, magazine dedicated to plus size fashion and models has sparked controversy with a feature claiming that most runway models meet the Body Mass Index criteria for anorexia.

I am not sure what to think about this pictures with a straight and an inbetweenie (read ‘plus size’) model Size 12 (U.S.) model Katya Zharkova. The 1st question: why N A K E D??? With clothes on, you can show the world the difference. It looks a little like cheap porn, sorry for this! The other thing is: it looks like mother, daughter…. and NOT fashion! I think it’s good the fashion world is getting a wake up CALL… But I am curious where they got their facts? My ideal would be to see both models in media, magazines.

I would to have more diversity in the fashion world. Not only the commercial fashion, NO! I want to see it in the high end fashion also. Straight models in size 4, 6 next to the inbetweenies (size 10, 12, 14,16). It’s absolutely possible… And YES, it’s all about illusion, models are always betterlooking than average people…

ABC about size 6 called plus size

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