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Is XL hot?

Last Wednesday there was a launch of another PLUS SIZE label. This time a Dutch label: DYANNE+. A collaboration of Dutch magazine Libelle and imago stylist Dyanne Beekman. They have created this label including some input of readers of the magazine. As you mmay know, my style is everything BUT basic. And this collection is basic and sporty.

Like most of the Dutch women, they love basic and sporty clothes! The collection starts from size 44 to 52 EU/14-22 US. The shape of the clothes is loose fit… in the collection there is a maxi skirt, a short leather jacket, shirts, etc.

Libelle came with an XL special. “Because XL is totally hot at the moment, you see big furniture: big chairs, etc, and in fashion you see large scarves, large dresses, oversized clothes”, tells Franska Stuy (chief-editor of this magazine). My opinion: XL or women in size 42, 44, 46 and up should not be a trend. It’s a movement. And these women are not going away!

She also wants to see more plus size labels in the future. There are plus size labels already, but there are way too few editorials in sizes 40+ EU/10+ US. Not only weekly magazines, but gorgeous glossy and fashion magazines should show some size diversity!


An article from Liesbeth Smit in this magazine about: “It should be over now… we are just a size 42 EU/12 US”. A good article in this issue about being a size 42 and why it’s not easy to find clothes. I ask myself every time, why is a size 42 called XL, PLUS, fat or obese?

Quote: “Because of the perfect image of the media, average/normal women are called chubby.”Libelle_XL2

A quote of the Dutch actress Eva van der Gucht (I think a size 46-48 EU/16-18 US): “The idea that everyone has to be skinny, is totally silly.”

And yes… I am mentioned in this article. They are talking about inbetweenies and proud women on my blog!

Journalist/Dutch TV host Catherine Keyl:
” What really irritates me, beautiful and trendy clothes always stops at size 42 EU/12 US.”


The average size of Dutch women is 42 EU/12UK and weight is 80 kilos.
The average size of women in Germany and Belgium is also a size 42 EU.
In the USA size 44 EU/14 USA is the average size.

Libelle is looking for YOU!

Dutch Magazine Libelle is looking for you! Models, older than 25 years, in sizes 44-48 and at least 1m70, are needed for a fashion show on 20th February. It is also important that you are available on 19th and 20th February, because of choreography and the fitting.
Would you like to join? And are you available? Send an email before 15th January to modellen@libelle.nl quoting ‘Model 20 februari’.

Backstage video sizes XS to XL

Here’s a backstage video of the Diversity in fashion shoot. With great models Marte, Janneke and Dienke.

Tips & Tricks for sizes XS to XL

I am proud of this big style production in Dutch magazine Libelle with 150 tips & tricks for sizes XS to XL. Diversity in fashion is my mission. And here it is! You see 3 gorgeous models in different sizes: 34, 40 and 44 (EU)! If you want to read this STYLE GUIDE

Inbetweenie LOOKS…

A fashionshoot for magazine Libelle, 20 items, 25 looks! Gorgeous inbetweenie Danielle in different looks. Photography, Robert Alexander.

workshop: ‘style has no size’.

Tijdens de Libelle Zomerweek in Almere geef ik dit jaar een workshop: ‘stijl kent geen maat’. Je kan je voor deze workshop inschrijven. Het zijn kleine groepjes, dus je moet er snel bij zijn! Naast de vele styling tips & tricks, krijg je ook een hele leuke goed gevulde inbetweenie goodiebag! Ga ik je zien?

During Libelle Zomerweek in Almere (NL) I will give a workshop: ‘style has no size’ You can follow this workshop. The groups are very small, you have to be fast! Not only some styling tips & tricks, but also a cool inbetweenie goodiebag! Are you coming?

Inbetweenie in shapewear!

A story I did for Dutch magazine Libelle. Shapewear story with gorgeous inbetweenie model Marlous from Milk Management. Shapewear is very important to wear. Specially under a tight dress or tight clothes. It can make you look like you lost up to 4 kilos! Photography by Hans Zeegers and hair/make up Nikkie de Vries with Angelique Hoorn

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