Beth Ditto ♥ Jean Paul Gaultier shirt


I love the shirt! Read more…

Madonna for Interview Magazine


Madonna for Interview Magazine Read more…

Style icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley in their jeans!


Some celebs, back in time, who still inspire labels with their style of jeans! Read more…

Beauty has no age!


Katy Perry and Madonna on the cover of the summer issue of V magazine. The pop stars Read more…

Some kind of art…


Just figured out this great artist by Art and Quotes on Facebook: Fab Prenat Art is his name… just love the mix of style icons in his work! Warhol and Marilyn, Read more…

‘Maddie’s naked truth’

For her new fragrance “Truth Or Dare Naked,” the 54-year-old Madonna opted to pose nude for the ad campaign. I must say: Maddie, you still look so HOT!

Madonna’s styles…

As a big Madonna fan I found this website… check it out: Madonna Scrapbook. Lots and lots of pictures including some funny ones like this one: Madonna’s styles through the years! DO you recognize any? Haha… I do: ‘Material girl’, ‘Who’s that girl’, ‘Vogue’ and more.

Happy Bday, Maddy!

Today is the Bday of one of style icons: Madonna!

Proud of her body

The Dutch magazine Viva did some research to women being proud of their body! “Fuck that stupid ideal image of women and fuck photoshop!” The magazine did a request for women to show themselves in bikini in the magazine. Lots of women wanted to be in! You see 12 women, sizes 36, 40 and even a 52, in a black bikini in different sizes. And I must say: applause for these ladies having the guts to do this! And great that the result is so positive! Say to yourself everyday: “I am beautiful.”

Material girl

You don’t have to wait for a proposal. Even for your birthday you can ask for some bling bling! Marilyn Monroe sings “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”(1953). And when it comes to accessories: it doesn’t matter what size you are! A diamond always fits! It’s very easy to get one nowadays anyway, you can even get it online. Accessories upgrade your outfit. Wearing a very simple black dress and a nice necklace and a big ring: you look absolutely FAB! Style icons like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna love the bling bling and showed this in their movie or video clips. I remember seeing Madonnas video: material girl… I fell in love with this glamourous life…
Euh…. when is my birthday?!?!

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