With good styling, you can look a size smaller!


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My look: pastels and camel mix


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8 reasons not to wear tight jeans


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A great diversity of women for Marks and Spencer!


This Spring/Summer ‘14 campaign of Marks and Spencer’s shows the most powerful trends of this season.
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Welcome Marks & Spencer Den Haag!


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Too FAT to represent ‘real women’???

A few weeks ago, Marks & Spencer came with a campaign. Different sizes of models were showing shape wear. Dr Ellie Cannon says: “As a doctor I have to tell you that two of these models are too FAT to represent ‘real women’. Two, if not three, are overweight, while the biggest girl is obese.” On Dailymail you can read more about this issue.

More quotes of Dr Ellie Cannon:
“I am really concerned by this trend of supposedly empowering women by what has become known as the ‘body acceptance movement’ which embraces the notion that fat is fine. While fat may be fine cosmetically, it is not fine for your health. Given that a third of British women are overweight, it will do our teenage daughters no favours to normalise obesity.”

I totally agree that obesity is unhealthy. But being a size 40-46 and eating healthy and doing sport, doesn’t mean you are UNHEALTHY. So, please… stop attacking (young) women by telling them they are too fat to represent ‘real women’. And by the way, we should stop talking about ‘real women’, because every woman is real. Whether you’re a model or not!

Dr Ellie Cannon, Rivkie Baum, editor of Slink Magazine and plus size model Nese Halil were on TV program Daybreak discussing this item. The tv host has a point: “curvy women need clothes too, if you can’t be part of the culture and fashion it might be have psychology problems”.

A video, posted by Slink magazine. The quality of the video is not perfect, but good enough!

Are these M&S women ‘real’ enough?

Marks & Spencer showed their shapewear with models in different sizes. Reveal Magazine wrote an article about these ‘real sizes’. Are these M&S women ‘real’ enough? Can we please stop this? All these women are ‘real size women’.
Not everyone can be a model. Being a model is a talent: you must be photogenic, it’s a profession. I think it’s already great to show fashion in different sizes. And yes, they should be a better version of yourself. Senksar wrote an article and showed 2 different pictures: the one from M&S with the models and the other is with not-models. Which one do you prefer?

Finally a women diversity campaign!

Marks & Spencer shows their brand new TV advert for the autumn/winter women’s wear collection. They showed each trend, from military to ladylike to geometric to textured in groups, with appropriate accessories, showing how each look will work on women of all ages, colours, sizes and heights.
Finally a diversity of women! A big applause for Marks & Spencer!
And this should be the TREND for every single brand in the future! The new M&S models range in age from 20 to 57 (and older), and in size from 8 to a 16 (UK). And of course they should extend this to at least size 20 (UK) and even larger! Have you recognized the 2 inbetweenies?

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