Disappointment by wrong info in media!


no… Louboutin DID NOT… Read more…

Inbetweenie Laura Wells in lingerie


Great to see an average size woman in this lingerie shoot. Read more…

‘Too extreme’ to be a fashion model


My opinion about Tess Munster and her professional modeling contract. Read more…

Make the average size a beautiful thing


This is my opinion and read about what 10 inbetweenie ambassadors think about being called ‘not plus size enough’ Read more…

Vogue Australia shows diversity in sizes and ages!


This month marks the first anniversary of international Vogue editors signing a health initiative to promote positive body image within their pages. Vogue Australia editor Read more…

Change the fashion to fit you!

A beautiful story about gorgeous and proud inbetweenie Heather Hazzan. “I grew up a bigger girl; but for 8 years of my life, I lived in a mental prison. I constantly counted calories and obsessively worked out to an unhealthy size 0 with 9% body fat.” A lot of young girls and women have to deal with this weight struggle.

Even successful plus size models (read: healthy inbetweenie models) share these stories about their struggle. The most famous one is Christel Renn. Even Robyn Lawley and Camilla Hansen had to deal with this weight struggle. And they also had the moment of their natural size and healthy body acceptance.
These days healthy inbetweenies can work as models next to the straight size models. And these ‘plus size’ models are more than just models. These inbetweenies are the ambassadors for being healthy and have accepted their size.
I hope all (young) women in the world will see these ambassadors as ‘real size’ women and say ‘yes’ to their own body and show they are pretty in every size!

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