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Happier in life and with their looks


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Hollywood needs some size diversity!

Rebel Wilson

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Is XL hot?

Last Wednesday there was a launch of another PLUS SIZE label. This time a Dutch label: DYANNE+. A collaboration of Dutch magazine Libelle and imago stylist Dyanne Beekman. They have created this label including some input of readers of the magazine. As you mmay know, my style is everything BUT basic. And this collection is basic and sporty.

Like most of the Dutch women, they love basic and sporty clothes! The collection starts from size 44 to 52 EU/14-22 US. The shape of the clothes is loose fit… in the collection there is a maxi skirt, a short leather jacket, shirts, etc.

Libelle came with an XL special. “Because XL is totally hot at the moment, you see big furniture: big chairs, etc, and in fashion you see large scarves, large dresses, oversized clothes”, tells Franska Stuy (chief-editor of this magazine). My opinion: XL or women in size 42, 44, 46 and up should not be a trend. It’s a movement. And these women are not going away!

She also wants to see more plus size labels in the future. There are plus size labels already, but there are way too few editorials in sizes 40+ EU/10+ US. Not only weekly magazines, but gorgeous glossy and fashion magazines should show some size diversity!


An article from Liesbeth Smit in this magazine about: “It should be over now… we are just a size 42 EU/12 US”. A good article in this issue about being a size 42 and why it’s not easy to find clothes. I ask myself every time, why is a size 42 called XL, PLUS, fat or obese?

Quote: “Because of the perfect image of the media, average/normal women are called chubby.”Libelle_XL2

A quote of the Dutch actress Eva van der Gucht (I think a size 46-48 EU/16-18 US): “The idea that everyone has to be skinny, is totally silly.”

And yes… I am mentioned in this article. They are talking about inbetweenies and proud women on my blog!

Journalist/Dutch TV host Catherine Keyl:
” What really irritates me, beautiful and trendy clothes always stops at size 42 EU/12 US.”


The average size of Dutch women is 42 EU/12UK and weight is 80 kilos.
The average size of women in Germany and Belgium is also a size 42 EU.
In the USA size 44 EU/14 USA is the average size.

Healthy life style is the new diet

Yesterday there was a discussion on twitter, because I mentioned the following: “Why are ‘popular blogs’ promoting diets to young girls? You should help these girls to love their body and be proud of themselves.”
The conclusion: “#HealthyLifeStyle is the new #diet of #2013”.
I will help you, to accept yourself, your size and your body and be proud of it. If you’re not feeling good or confident about yourself, you should do something about that. Go to the gym, do a workout you really enjoy, and feel better.

Healthy food will also do you so much good! I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. I want to show you with my blog there’s nothing wrong with having a size 42 or 44 (EU). I show you many beautiful inbetweenies on my blog, who are proud and confident. I think when you are confident, everybody in every size is beautiful! And when you see more and more size diversity in the media, the easier it will be for you to accept yourself!

And no, being a size 42, 44, 46 is not obesity. Come on! I am a promoter of a healthy life style. I am not a promoter of obesity or anorexia. Because as everybody knows, this is not healthy.
I am not against diets, but I am not promoting them. Most of them don’t work. There are many good coaches out there, who will support you when you can’t do it yourself. Just be proud and work on a healthy way of life!

Too FAT to represent ‘real women’???

A few weeks ago, Marks & Spencer came with a campaign. Different sizes of models were showing shape wear. Dr Ellie Cannon says: “As a doctor I have to tell you that two of these models are too FAT to represent ‘real women’. Two, if not three, are overweight, while the biggest girl is obese.” On Dailymail you can read more about this issue.

More quotes of Dr Ellie Cannon:
“I am really concerned by this trend of supposedly empowering women by what has become known as the ‘body acceptance movement’ which embraces the notion that fat is fine. While fat may be fine cosmetically, it is not fine for your health. Given that a third of British women are overweight, it will do our teenage daughters no favours to normalise obesity.”

I totally agree that obesity is unhealthy. But being a size 40-46 and eating healthy and doing sport, doesn’t mean you are UNHEALTHY. So, please… stop attacking (young) women by telling them they are too fat to represent ‘real women’. And by the way, we should stop talking about ‘real women’, because every woman is real. Whether you’re a model or not!

Dr Ellie Cannon, Rivkie Baum, editor of Slink Magazine and plus size model Nese Halil were on TV program Daybreak discussing this item. The tv host has a point: “curvy women need clothes too, if you can’t be part of the culture and fashion it might be have psychology problems”.

A video, posted by Slink magazine. The quality of the video is not perfect, but good enough!

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