“Sorry, we don’t have your size”

Just found this great picture and it reminds me of how inbetweenies can be treated. In plus size shops (smallest size 44 EU) they will get this look and say: “Sorry, we don’t have your size”. And the same happens in a straight size shop (largest size is 42 EU). My conclusion: inbetweenies aren’t welcome! But of course you should go into both kinds of shops. And just figure out yourself if a piece will fit your body! Don’t be afraid of those women in that shop. And it’s about time labels extend their sizes.
I am curious if you have ever been treated like this. Tell me!

Nothing new: nail art

It’s really a big trend: nail art. But it’s nothing new! I have found this old Christian Dior ad from 1974. And see this nail art! Just love these vintage looks.

Psssttt…. some Forever21 news!

And more news about Forever21 coming to the Netherlands! Somewhere in the end of 2013 at Rokin Plaza building (5 levels) in Amsterdam. The shop will finally conquer our country! And if it has 5 levels, Forever21+ will be there also and a lot of inbetweenies and plus size girls will be very happy!

Little black skirt

I am doing some research for bottom shapes for some fashion shoppings! And I am curious what style ‘little black skirt’ YOU, inbetweenies, like the most… The shape depends on your body shape!
Can I have your votes, please? 1,2,3,4 or 5! Or maybe all of them?

EveryBODY is beautiful…

Stylish in Maastricht

Last weekend I went for a look at Stijl Maastricht Wyck. I love to shop in Maastricht, back to the roots!
This shop just opened 2 weeks ago. And I was very curious. And wow! Great shop with beautiful clothes. Most of them are Scandinavian brands and some are Dutch.

Brands like By Malene Birger, Dagmar, Bruuns Bazaar, Studio Ruig, Sober, Sessun and more! A lot will come in sizes 40/42 and some even in 44. But I must say: I saw a lot of items even a size 46 would fit! Because of the wide fit! I saw at least 3 coats I would love to have! Chantal, the owner, tells me she loves the Scandinavian brands and she chooses everything herself. And I must say: she has a great taste! Almost every single piece I would love to have… and those Malene Birger shoes… WANT!

I just wanna say: don’t be afraid as an inbetweenie to go into this kind of shops! Just check out the shape of the clothes and try! And Chantal is so friendly, she will give you any advice!

Will I be 1 of RED’s hot women?

I think it’s gonna be time an inbetweenie will be selected for: RED’S HOT WOMEN
YOU can put me on the list! Check out this link!. Will you do me this favor?

Can I have your votes, please?

I want to make some shoppings for my blog… but I am curious what style YOU like the most… Then I know what style you inbetweenies love and you want to see more on my blog! Can I have your votes, please? 1, 2 or 3… Or maybe all of them? Do you have some other style suggestions… let me know!

Embrace your curves…

Embrace your curves… is the message of Boux Avenue lingerie. Queen of the inbetweenies, Robyn Lawley is featured in a brand new campaign for this brand. Lawley is also their new brand ambassador.

Again: Curvy or skinny is not a war!

There’s this thing going on on Facebook… about the Victoria’s Secrets models and the Dove women. Lets STOP pitching women against each other like this… Curvy or skinny is not a war! I love size diversity of women and I want to see more size diversity in fashion!

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