Fashion should be changed!

This is a quote from Robyn Lawley on Plus size tall: “It is a crazy thought to make people have to change their body to fit fashion. Fashion should be changed to shape people’s bodies. If I was a designer, I would definitely pick a range of different sized girls. If you’re confident in your clothes, then they should look good on different sized people.”

And I totally agree with her! If I was a designer, I would make clothes which are fashionable and beautiful. Great fabrics and FANTASTIC fits… and shapes which accentuate your beautiful body!

A great quote of Givency:

HM+ has chosen Robyn this time!

Some pictures of Robyn Lawley for HM+. Last time Tara Lynn was the face of this collection. I am very surprised Robyn is doing it now. Because Robyn is a size 40-42 and Tara is a size 44-46. The pictures look great. But I must say that the collection is again very very casual and simple. Not really fashionable. I just don’t get it! Doesn’t fashion for plus size women sell? Or does HM not believe in it? I am also complaining about their sizes. Their size 50 is a size 46.

Robyns swimwear

Wioeeehh! How excited! Robyn Lawley is coming with her own swimwear line with Bond-Eye swimwear due out soon!!! “It’s going to be amazing!!! Everything a curvy girl wanted but unfortunately could never get- high fashion with a supportive, comfortable fit!”
I have really high expectations… because she knows what an inbetweenie needs! And please, Robyn! Wanna see lots of bikinis for plus size girls!

These images are not from her own line…

“I am proud of my body, flaws and all”

I think it’s a great message from inbetweenie Robyn Lawley (size 40-42) to start this new year! Stop thinking of losing weight, put all this energy into your life. Size acceptance and being proud of your body are 2 very important things to be happy and confident.

The top inbetweenies of 2012

Truth and Fashion is a great website and a nice blog. They created a top 8 of the best (inbetweenie) models of 2012… Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Ashley Graham, Whitney Thompson, Lizzie Miller and Naomi Shimada. I totally agree with these models! Are all favorites of mine as well! I could put some more lovely inbetweenies in this list. What about Bree Warren, Katya Zharkova and some new faces as Clementine L J Desseaux, Christina Marie Boudreau and Kristina Yeo? These new and fresh faces will be in the list of 2013! I will show you that these beautiful ‘ambassadors’ are as beautiful as regular size models. That’s the reason I always say that style and beauty has NOTHING to do with a SIZE. These women are good looking and healthy!

Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Ashley Graham, Whitney Thompson, Lizzie Miller and Naomi Shimada.

Bree Warren, Clementine L J Desseaux, Christina Marie Boudreau, Katya Zharkova and Kristina Yeo

“An advocate of health”

Robyn about accepting herself and being proud of her size and body.

Tropical feeling…

And yes… Down Under again!!!! Showing gorgeous inbetweenie Robyn Lawley (size 40/42) in this great editorial for Cosmopolitan Australia. Location is the Cook Islands. Photographer is Steven Chee. Just love this style of photography!

Bombshell Babe Robyn

Just love this Bombshell Babe editorial in Cosmo UK, photography: Mark Andrew. Not only is Australia totally in love with inbetweenie Robyn Lawley…. even the UK loves her. And again big applause for Cosmo UK: a great editorial with an average size (40-42 EU) model! It’s getting time the Dutch Cosmo came with an inbetweenie editorial! Dare to show some size diversity!

Sunshine inbetweenies!

While winter starts here next month, summer starts in Australia: beautiful sunny pictures with inbetweenies Robyn Lawley and Mercy Watson of Bella Models for Australian Women’s Weekly. Photography: Corrie Bond.

A summer breeze…

Seeing some summer pictures in Cosmopolitan Australia, while autumn has arrived over here! Again an inbetweenie shoot with gorgeous Robyn Lawley. Big applause for you over there!

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