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Last Saturday I was a guest on the RTL4 tv programme Lifestyle Experience. I was invited by Triumph, to talk about their shape wear. It was Read more…

Yes, you CAN look GREAT on TV!

Everytime there’s an inbetweenie or full figured woman on the Dutch TV, I get Tweets: “why aren’t YOU going to style this woman? This woman looks awful in these clothes.”
Last Friday during the battle of THE VOICE OF HOLLAND; a very gorgeous inbetweenie POMME won the battle and will shine next time in the ‘live shows’. People were complaining about Pomme’s look. She was wearing a tunic/blouse of HM+. A blouse I have myself in green. Nothing wrong with this.
A perfect silhouette for an inbetweenie: showing the gorgeous legs! But it depends on how you style and wear it!

I must say I never watch this tv program: it’s about the voice, NOT about the LOOK! But now I just want to write something about it. Stylist Chantal Bles is doing the styling for this program. And it’s a hard job: create many, many looks for the candidates. A lot of respect for Chantal! The only thing I want to say: Pomme, I would like to style you some day… you’re a great inbetweenie! And please, if Weight Watchers will contact you: please say NO!!!! You are gorgeous and a great inspiration for many (young) women!

This is the way I wear this tunic/shirt:

Gorgeous inbetweenie in The Bachelor

I’m very, very proud of inbetweenie Eefje van Ostaden (size 46-48), she was 1 of the 25 women for the contest of the Dutch version of the THE BACHELOR. Her main reason to join the program was to show a curvy woman on this kind of tv programs. “You only see ‘miss perfects’ in size 36/38 in these tv shows.” I think this is a great statement of size emancipation! Eefje is so beautiful, maybe even 1 of the most beautiful ones in this episode!
Eefje: “I’m not easily scared but it’s quite exciting to know whether men like women with a fuller figure!. Because if he really doesn’t like them, it will be very easy to send me home. But I hope he will not be this superficial.”
But why has he chosen to send her home already? Doesn’t he like women above size 38? Or was it because she was just not his type of woman? We will never get the answer to this question… But Eefje was there and on national tv. And I love what she says:” I think he could be a man for Eefje”, a great attitude! I am waiting for more size diversity in the next one! And of course in other tv shows!

By the way: I loved her red dress, sponsored by Aimee Avondkleding.

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