The 1st step for size diversity at AFW


Finally a Dutch designer is doing the thing I have been waiting for for sooooo long! Sepehr Maghsoudi is having his runway show today and he will let one not size 34-36 EU/4-6 US, but Read more…

“You can be accepted, loved or valued at any size”

Such a strong and personal message from one of my favorite and unique models, Christina Marie Boudreau (size 42 EU, 12 US), from Heffner Management on Facebook:
“At twelve years old I believed the lies of the media. Which told me that if I were thin, then I would be accepted, popular, loved, beautiful, and valued. After 7 years of eating disorders, I have seen girls at 80 pounds with tubes in their arms, who don’t feel beautiful or valued. In addition I have also seen curvy confident women who are free because they have trained their minds and hearts to love themselves despite societies standards of beauty. Take it from me girls, you CAN be accepted, loved or valued at any size. BUT, you cannot expect others to love you, if you haven’t first learned to love yourself.”

Time for Zaftig?

Proud of inbetweenie, blogger and designer Mandy Fierens. She wants to start her own label Zaftig with your help! “Zaftig is a clothing company for women sizes 10 (40 EU) and above. Help me bring on additional designers to create two other dress options!” Essentially, Zaftig will have something for every women that is a size 10 and above. Mandy: “I read complaints from women who want to dress fashion forward but are forced into plus size clothing brands that their mothers wear.”
With this last thing, I just can confirm… time for fashion clothes for women above size 10 (40 EU).

Design of the dress by Mandy and illustration of Aurora Lady.

Robyn Lawley: “Models are skinnier than ever nowadays”

An interview with gorgeous ‘Queen of the inbetweenies’ Robyn Lawley (size 40/42 EU and 1.85m) in YOU magazine of The lingerie she wears is from Boux Avenue. They have chosen 23-year-old Robyn as the embodiment of its new ‘Embrace Your Curves’ range. You can read the whole article in the Daily Mail.

Models are skinnier than ever nowadays. “I’ve heard they weigh 33 per cent less than they used to. I’m attracted to strong, healthy people. Everyone thinks the famous lingerie models are curvy, but they haven’t seen them in real life: they have a big bust but otherwise they are tiny. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the obese, whose lifestyle choices put their lives in danger, however much fast foods and diets are to blame.”

And there’s summer 2013… Part 3

A preview of some summer collections 2013! The last designers of New York Fashion Week! Here’s my absolute favourite: Anna Sui! She should have been nr 1! The only thing I really don’t get: she’s an inbetweenie herself, but her label is not going any bigger than size 40 (EU). Please, dear Miss Anna Sui… when will you extend your label? Than I can buy clothes instead of only make up and accessories.

14. Anna Sui: lace, pastels, animal prints, flowers…LOVE it! But please NOT the 3/4 leggings…

Anna Sui, backstage: strike the pose, girls!

Anna Sui, backstage: love the funny faces

Anna Sui is an inbetweenie herself, I am curious about her size.

15. Proenza Schouler, cool, boyish and great prints!

16. Clements Ribeiro, great mix of different prints! L.O.V.E.

17. Michael Kors: stripes and colour. But very feminine!

Love this Asian inbetweenie!

Again another great story which says: style has nothing to do with size! Inbetweenie Stephanie Shiu (size 40 EU) from MUSE NYC and Milkmanagement for More Magazine. I love this girl! Great to have an Asian beauty in the curve section!

Time for diversity!

On this picture you see some gorgeous women. The upper layer gorgeous sizes 34/36 and the lower all beauties in sizes 40/42. I think the new generation is ready to see both… and that’s why we want to see a mix of sizes.. A mix of straight size and inbetweenies… are you ready? Is the fashion world ready?

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