62. Real inbetweenie: Ine Dhoe


Good looking inbetweenies

Some beautiful pictures of some lovely inbetweenies, or just call them ‘models’. The models are Bo (size 42-44 EU), Ivy (size 44-46) and Kirsten (size 42-44) from Dutch plus size model agency Maxi Me Models. They are styled by Marianne Nykjaer, an inbetweenie herself. She knows how to style these girls! Big applause for the styling, I think she did a great job! You can really see the shape of the bodies and they just look gorgeous! Photography by Arno Nieuwhof. A great team en perfect combination! Want to see more…

Bo (size 42-44 EU)

Ivy (size 44-46)

Kirsten (size 42-44)

Robyn Lawley: “Models are skinnier than ever nowadays”

An interview with gorgeous ‘Queen of the inbetweenies’ Robyn Lawley (size 40/42 EU and 1.85m) in YOU magazine of DailyMail.co.uk. The lingerie she wears is from Boux Avenue. They have chosen 23-year-old Robyn as the embodiment of its new ‘Embrace Your Curves’ range. You can read the whole article in the Daily Mail.

Models are skinnier than ever nowadays. “I’ve heard they weigh 33 per cent less than they used to. I’m attracted to strong, healthy people. Everyone thinks the famous lingerie models are curvy, but they haven’t seen them in real life: they have a big bust but otherwise they are tiny. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the obese, whose lifestyle choices put their lives in danger, however much fast foods and diets are to blame.”

Same dress, 2 different styles!

Such a creative brand of Suzanne van Haaster: SundayMonday. All these clothes are multi wearable. That explains the name: a ‘SUNDAY-dressy’ and a ‘MONDAY-casual’ style. This emerald green dress is so cool: it’s reversible. They go up to size XL, a 42-44 (EU). A customer told me, even a 46 fit in these! You can choose for the front or the back! I just created 2 different styles. Which style do you like more?

We should stop talking about plus size…

Always this discussion about not being BIG enough… the models who are showing plus size clothes are not plus size. No: they are inbetweenies! They are wearing the smallest sample size of the collection. Most of the time they are a size 42-44, max 46.

Stunning in swimwear…

One of my favorite Dutch inbetweenie models is Danielle, ego’s models. This time for anita comfort swim. And see how great she looks in swimwear! Wish there was a bikini as well… the pictures were taken in the Dominican Republic.

What if Snow White was an inbetweenie…

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