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From now on, I will also post my looks on the home page… so you can see every new look I post. I want to show Read more…

Good looking inbetweenies

Some beautiful pictures of some lovely inbetweenies, or just call them ‘models’. The models are Bo (size 42-44 EU), Ivy (size 44-46) and Kirsten (size 42-44) from Dutch plus size model agency Maxi Me Models. They are styled by Marianne Nykjaer, an inbetweenie herself. She knows how to style these girls! Big applause for the styling, I think she did a great job! You can really see the shape of the bodies and they just look gorgeous! Photography by Arno Nieuwhof. A great team en perfect combination! Want to see more…

Bo (size 42-44 EU)

Ivy (size 44-46)

Kirsten (size 42-44)

New talent Jada Sezer

I already mentioned that Jada Sezer (size 44-46) is in Plus Model Magazine this month. Beautiful pictures of her, the interview you can read here. Jada is the face/body of London Plus Size Fashion Week. And she’s the new talent in ‘plus size’ world. She looks very special, has a gorgeous style and look.

You are unique in the world!

Gorgeous inbetweenie Claudia Polar (size 44-46) from Germany, she’s with curve-models. I love the 50s style, works great for curvy women!

Jada Sezer: ‘start really living life’

Gorgeous inbetweenie Jada Sezer (size 44-46), with a beautiful message.

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