Preview spring COS

Some lovely spring items from COS. I am a BIG fan of COS. Because I really love the sophisticated and simplicity of the style. They go up to size 44 EU. And depending on the shape of the item, sometimes even a size 46 EU can wear COS. Just give it a try! If I see these items, I can’t wait for the warmer weather!





Ready for Asos spring

Snow outside, but I am really ready for spring… surfing on the net and seeing these lovely looks of Asos.
Don’t forget to look also at the regular collection! They go up to a size 18 UK, means a 46 EU! Asos Curves starts at 18 UK , most of the articles at size 20 UK/48 EU.

“That’s what really makes you beautiful”

Gorgeous inbetweenie model Marianne Nykjaer (size 46 EU) from Belgium. She has a beautiful message: “How you feel about yourself is more important than how you look. Feeling confident in your own skin, that’s what really makes you beautiful.”


Seeing the spring/summer preview of Primark. Hmmm… already looking forward to wearing summer clothes. I am really done with the winter season. Lovely dresses, jeans shirts and floral print skirt! Can’t wait! And also some nice accessories like necklaces and bags. The button-up-your-shirt trend is still going on! These items will be in the store this week and next.
And most of the items will come in size 46 (EU), yeah!

Primark goes Almere!

Today was the opening of Primark number 4 in the Netherlands. Almere is now also owner of the number 1 shop! And you know why I am a huge Primark fan? Everything comes in sizes 34-46! I was there and visited the shop with more press and even Annemarie Jorritsma, Mayor of Almere was there.

At 11.00 the shop was open for ‘public’.

A slogan for everyBODY!!!

Perfect Party Outfits

At the end of each year you have to find a party outfit! And always the same: black, silver and gold… maybe some red! Be creative and dare to be different this year! I have found some great outfits on Asos! All of these go up to at least size 46 (EU) and of course there are some Asos Curve looks! I just ordered the print jacket, 2nd on the right! Looking forward to wear it!

Denise, a sexy powerwoman!

Gorgeous inbetweenie Denise Bidot (size 46 EU) from MUSE NYC and Brigitte Models. She will shine in the program Curvy Girls in a nice fashion story! Photography by Chelzea Jessica Lee, styling by Barborka Jindrakova, and make-up & hair by Jenna Kuchera.
Great story, love the styling! Edgy, but sexy. Well done!

Sonia, where are the stripes?

My most favorite designer Sonia Rykiel!!!!! Love this collection… but… Sonia, where are the stripes? No, just kidding! I love these silhouettes, the combination of black, off white and peach! The combinations are soooo feminine and 20s feeling! Wanna have at least these 8 looks! Is it possible in size 44/46 (EU), please?

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