“Sorry, we don’t have your size”

Just found this great picture and it reminds me of how inbetweenies can be treated. In plus size shops (smallest size 44 EU) they will get this look and say: “Sorry, we don’t have your size”. And the same happens in a straight size shop (largest size is 42 EU). My conclusion: inbetweenies aren’t welcome! But of course you should go into both kinds of shops. And just figure out yourself if a piece will fit your body! Don’t be afraid of those women in that shop. And it’s about time labels extend their sizes.
I am curious if you have ever been treated like this. Tell me!

Bad, bad, GAGA….

Gaga, who once wore a dress made out of meat: as a statement against the FUR industry. One recent Sunday she left a hotel in Bulgaria wearing a fur coat and carrying a fluffy puppy. A little while ago Gaga told Ellen Degeneres: “I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.” PETA had a few issues with Gaga’s decision to wear a very big, very fur coat. And please: telling us it’s Hermes and it’s fake… yeah, right! And I am a size zero! Hermes will never produce a FAUX fur coat! Come on! GAGA: this is a big NONO! As a fan I am really disappointed… I am AGAINST any fur! Big supporter of BONT voor DIEREN!

FASHION, it’s not about size!

Last week during CPH fashion week, PEEPERS DENMARK presented FASHION IT’S NOT ABOUT SIZE, a fashion party and POPUP show for the consumer. The show was a success by using the diversity of shapes and curves among models. PEEPERS DENMARK wants a diversity of beauty ideals, (36 – 44 EU) where women can identify with fashion and beauty, and where young girls no longer getting eating disorders because of the fashion industry’s influence.

PEEPERS bloggers are brutally honest about their body and perception of the same. Bloggers vary from size 36 to 48. What I have been saying for years: style, fashion or beauty has NOTHING to do with size!

Size diversity in fashion!

I think the time to show clothes only on sizes 34,36 is over. I think it would be great to have size diversity in fashion. Next to a size 36, an inbetweenie! And please don’t call a size 42 or 44 plus size anymore.

Proud of her body

The Dutch magazine Viva did some research to women being proud of their body! “Fuck that stupid ideal image of women and fuck photoshop!” The magazine did a request for women to show themselves in bikini in the magazine. Lots of women wanted to be in! You see 12 women, sizes 36, 40 and even a 52, in a black bikini in different sizes. And I must say: applause for these ladies having the guts to do this! And great that the result is so positive! Say to yourself everyday: “I am beautiful.”

17. Real inbetweenie: Verônica Bertoni


Again: Curvy or skinny is not a war!

There’s this thing going on on Facebook… about the Victoria’s Secrets models and the Dove women. Lets STOP pitching women against each other like this… Curvy or skinny is not a war! I love size diversity of women and I want to see more size diversity in fashion!

What’s your top and your bottom size?

Just 2 questions for YOU! And it only takes 10 seconds! What’s your top and your bottom size? I am asking you this, because I have different sizes myself. Having a 42-44 top and a 46-48 bottom. Nothing wrong with this. Just curious how your sizes are. Fill out this survey.

Size diversity…

Already some winter items of HM+

Here are some new looks of HM+ collection with gorgeous Tara Lynn. I think these pictures are made in Italy. Not the whole collection is great, but it’s getting better. I will show you my favorites! I already bought the black and creme oversized blouse (1st picture). I can already wear it now, during summer time! Soon you will find this item worn by me at the LOOKS.

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