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37. Real inbetweenie: Jada-Sezer

Plus size is ‘big business’

Tonight in the Dutch TV program Editie.nl, about how hard it is finding clothes for women above size 44 EU, 14 US. And some of my tips on their website!

Skinny or curvy may not be a competition!

This graphic shows exactly what my mission is. I know this picture shows small size women, but it’s about the message. Size diversity should be ‘normal’ in fashion, magazines, media, tv and movies. It should not be a fight or competition!

36. Real inbetweenie: Alessandra Castagner

Denying what size you really are?

Just saw this quote from Stacy London, an American fashion consultant: “Don’t get hung up on the size. If you feel bad about yourself because a 12 is what fits, take a Sharpie, and write ‘6’ on the label.”

This really makes me soooooo angry! Why would you??? No one is looking INSIDE your clothes… That’s the most STUPID thing… denying what size you really are… come on… you’re making a fool of yourself.
Just accept your size and body… ! If you don’t feel happy, make changes so you will accept it. By losing weight or going to the gym! “fashion and beauty cannot be defined or stigmatised by a label with a number in the neck”

You are beautiful in every single way!

Christina Aguilera’s song Beautiful is a great message to everyBODY! If you struggle with your body or size, listen to it and hopefully it will give you strength and a positive feeling!

Clothes Party!!!

On Saturday 15th December Big On Fashion is having a clothes party! And YOU can be part of it! Address: De Stroveer 116, center of Rotterdam. A clothes party where you can try on some clothes and have a drink and snack! Mail: karin@bigonfashion.nl, if you want to come! You will get 25 % discount on the whole collection! Do you remember I did the styling of this webshop a year ago?

Dresses with the WOW factor

Already showed you some looks for Xmas. But if you want to go for a dress with the WOW factor, choose a special one this time! Dare to be noticed! Most of these dresses go up to size 46, TopShop only 44!

Well made quality clothes in their size

Such a great post on Facebook from Alissa Wilson from stylishcurves.net:

“As plus size women we don’t all have the same views when it comes to body acceptance. I personally believe that as plus size women for so many years we were put down and told to hate ourselves and to hide until we look the way society thinks we should look. My passion and my fight for plus size women will always be to uplift and promote positive thinking I think about young girls who are doing extreme dieting just so they won’t be called fat. I think of young plus size girls who accept less than they should from a boy because she thinks her weight makes her not good enough. I think of the plus size women who find themselves too big to deserve well made quality clothes in their size.

And yes I do believe that it is okay for a designer not to make clothes in plus sizes if it is not their vision but what is not okay is when you put plus size people down as a response to why you don’t make clothes for them. If you want to lose weight and are not happy with your size then be honest and say so but don’t knock anyone else who is happy and plus size and vice versa. At the end of the day you have to remain true to yourself and what you believe. We don’t have to tear each other down to prove our

There you have a point, Alissa: we also WANT great clothes. And not only the ‘casual simple things’.
And my mission is the same as yours: to let young women,who struggle with their body and size, be proud of themselves. My message: dare to be noticed in any size!
Because style has no size!!!

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