SHNS and the city…. part 4


Yesterday we were shooting with gorgeous model Tatiana from IMG. The city location of our day was Coney Island at the beach. Such a great and weird location. Shooting Read more…

What’s the ‘big’ deal about this HM+ campaign?


Already wondering about this ‘news’ for days now… What’s the ‘big’ deal with this HM+ swimwear campaign? I just can’t help being very surprised by the latest Read more…

“Sorry, we don’t have your size”

Just found this great picture and it reminds me of how inbetweenies can be treated. In plus size shops (smallest size 44 EU) they will get this look and say: “Sorry, we don’t have your size”. And the same happens in a straight size shop (largest size is 42 EU). My conclusion: inbetweenies aren’t welcome! But of course you should go into both kinds of shops. And just figure out yourself if a piece will fit your body! Don’t be afraid of those women in that shop. And it’s about time labels extend their sizes.
I am curious if you have ever been treated like this. Tell me!


INBETWEENIES = ‘in-between-size-girls’
Women in size 40-46/48 (EU)
Too big for straight size and too small for plus size

Robyn Lawley: “I am a healthy size 14-16”

On Facebook Robyn Lawley explains again why she is not a plus size and not a straight size model. But she doesn’t has to apologize for being an inbetweenie. Her size exactly is in-between both categories. Again why I call these women: inbetweenies. This is because inbetweenies are too big for straight size and too small for plus size. And Robyn: you’re the queen of the inbetweenies!

EveryBODY is beautiful!

This was passing by on Facebook and it’s a great message! Stop putting down one group of people to make another group feel better about themselves. EveryBODY is beautiful!

This is exactly what I think: everyBODY is beautiful… We need more diversity! Straight size, inbetweenie and plus size are beautiful!!! We need a mix of these in fashion, media, magazines, runways and movies!!!!

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