Sunshine inbetweenies!

While winter starts here next month, summer starts in Australia: beautiful sunny pictures with inbetweenies Robyn Lawley and Mercy Watson of Bella Models for Australian Women’s Weekly. Photography: Corrie Bond.

A summer breeze…

Seeing some summer pictures in Cosmopolitan Australia, while autumn has arrived over here! Again an inbetweenie shoot with gorgeous Robyn Lawley. Big applause for you over there!

Proud inbetweenies in bikini

Last week in Grazia magazine: an article about being proud to wear a bikini! Okay, it’s the end of summer and the bikini is still in the spot light! I must say I have A LOT OF respect for these gorgeous inbetweenies to show their bodies in a magazine! These girls show that they are not FAT. No, they are beautiful and they accepted their body!
Some quotes:
Rachel Rutten (size 44, 22 years): “When you feel you are pretty, you are pretty. Simple is that.”
Sandra Loogman (size 48, 30 years): “Every size has got their charms”.

A few weeks ago another magazine, VIVA, showed different sizes in a black bikini. So it’s something that keeps us busy! Someone started a Facebook page: I dare to wear a bikini, also to show the world to have the guts to wear a bikini.

The problem I have with wearing bikini’s: I can’t find any nice and trendy ones! I have been complaining about it for years! Maybe next summer, someone will wake up?

The girls and their sizes…

Stunning in swimwear…

One of my favorite Dutch inbetweenie models is Danielle, ego’s models. This time for anita comfort swim. And see how great she looks in swimwear! Wish there was a bikini as well… the pictures were taken in the Dominican Republic.


Finally summer in The Netherlands… ready to wear my bikini and off to the beach! Even cats love to wear them! Only they wear a CATkini! FUN!

Bikini 66 years!

5th of July, we celebrated the birth of one of the most feared items of clothing to ever exist: The bikini. The very first bikini was introduced in 1946 to the world by designer Louis Réard in Paris, and its debut would forever change the course of swimwear. I think after 66 years, it’s time for the inbikini (bikini for inbetweenies, size 40-48)!

different shapes and sizes

Special K is using plus-sized models in its latest campaign to encourage a positive attitude towards different shapes and sizes. Sorry… but this model is not plus size, I think she’s not even an inbetweenie. I think she is a size 40 (EU). Ofcourse it’s good to show average size women in commercials. So it’s good to see this more and more.

Swimwear on a healthy inbetweenie!

Erin, 12 Plus UK Model Management, is looking fabulous in this swimwear story. And great that they’re also showing bikini’s on a beautiful healthy inbetweenie!

Do you have the guts to wear a bikini?

I think this request has to do with: FATkini.
Journalist Mayra de Wilde is looking for some beautiful curvy women in sizes 46/48 and up! It’s for a feature in a Dutch glossy magazine. Are you proud of your curves and do you have the guts to wear a bikini in a magazine? Send your motivation and a picture to

NL: Mayra De Wilde zoekt ladies met curves voor een prachtige productie in een glossy magazine… Vrouwen met maat 46/48 en groter die trots zijn op hun lichaam en durven te poseren in een bikini. Mail haar jouw motivatie en een foto van jezelf naar:

The bikini on the picture is from HM+ top: € 14,95 and bottom: € 14,95

Don’t be afraid to wear a bikini this summer!

A nice interview with Gabi Fresh at the Today Show today about FATkini. I already said I don’t like the word. But I do understand the statement Gabi wants to make. See the video and don’t be afraid to wear a bikini this summer!

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