Sick social media body goal challenges


Pfff… It all started a few years ago with the thigh gap… Read more…

Unrealistic body goals


It is incredible how easy women invent new ways of physical torture. Too many women it isn’t enough to be healthy and self-confident with an average body. Read more…

she doesn’t have a thigh gap


“I really like her but, she doesn’t have a thigh gap” said no man ever!

Time to wear my bikini!!


Finally it’s summer in Holland… and going to the beach I’m wearing a bikini! Past years I was always complaining about not finding bikinis which fit me. And now Read more…

Robyn Lawley: “change shape in fashion”


Robyn Lawley is guest at Ellen Degeneres and she talks about changing shape in fashion! She explains what the thigh gap is. Robyn: “I am comfy, I love my Read more…

No ‘thigh gap’, No problem!


Again a statement by Robyn Lawley about the ‘thigh gap’ in The Daily Beast. No ‘thigh gap’, No problem! And this trend Read more…

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