Addition Elle Plus Size Trends Fall 2014


Nice video from Addition Elle Plus Size Trends Fall 2014. It looks very Read more…

NEW!!!!! Fashion question!


Fashion is for everyBODY! My new blog topic will be ‘fashion question’. Ask me all your questions about fashion, styling, clothing, trends, shapes and more… You can read the answers on my blog!

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And there’s summer 2013… Part 2

A preview of some summer collections 2013! New York Fashion Week! My favourites so far!

7. Helmut Lang, great prints!

8. J.Crew, always love their combinations.

9. Diesel Black Gold, the good old black!

10. Victoria, Victoria Beckham, younger and more prints than her ‘more mature’ collection.

11. Rodarte, cool, rebel, barok style

12. Donna Karan, pastels so sweet!

Backstage Donna Karan , and yes… models DO eat!

13. Marc By Marc Jacobs, dare to combine prints and colours!

Backstage at Marc By Marc Jacobs, funny faces

Stylingtips part 1: Are you printproof?

I will share some styling tips about the latest trends. How to wear these if you’re an inbetweenie.
This time I will talk about prints. They’re everywhere. On pants, dresses, shorts and tops. But also in different ways, like big, small, combined with a uno-colour or combined with each other.

Prints are fun, also for curved fashionista’s, but take care of the following messages:
1. Keep it feminine! Pick the right shoes and finish your look with some nice accessories. If you really can’t walk in heels, go for an elegant sandal.
2. Make sure the prints are not too big, cause that will make you look bigger. The finer the print, the easier on the eye. This goes for both the upper- as the lower body.

1. Small prints
2. Feminine
3. Heels
4. Colour coordinate
5. Combine loose with tight clothes

1. Big prints
2. masculine shoes
3. Combining too many colous together
4. loose silhouettes

‘Problem Areas’
1.Large chest: when you finally find a top that buttons all the way up, don’t be tempted to actually do that. Leave it open: A V shape on top will slice your torso into smaller, thinner looking halfs. You can button up if you pair it with a vest or jacket! Then style it with a short necklace.
2.Heavier (upper) legs. Watch out with tight pants. It’s probably not the best idea to wear pants with a print. Better to go for a dress or a wide skirt. Afraid to go bare-legged? Leggings are still okay! Even with a print, but make sure it matches the rest of your outfit. Also fun: pick pants or a skirt in a uni-colour and wear the print on top.
3.Tummy. Go for pants or a skirt that have are flat on top. Avoid pleats in that area, these will only accentuate your tummy. What looks especially good is a dress that goes out a little and is a bit wider around the tummy.
4.Wide hips. Avoid pants with sideways pockets, these make your hips look wider. If you do want to wear pants like that, top it with a jacket! A great way to hide those hips is to wear a wider skirt or dress.

So even you can wear prints, don’t be afraid for them!

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