Another Weight Watchers victim…

WHY? Everytime an inbetweenie or curvy person is on TV, they get a contract with Weight Watchers. WHY??? This time it is Iris Kroes, the winner of the Voice of Holland in 2011. Since April she’s been doing this diet and has lost 11 kilos. A young girl who is a role model for many young girls. And yet again it’s confirmed: being a big girl is not allowed in the media.
The same happened with Jennifer Hudson, also got a huge contract with Weight Watchers. To show the world: you’re more beautiful by losing weight! Come on! It’s time sizes 40 (EU) and up should be on tv, in movies, in magazines! And don’t punish these women who have so much talent because of how they look!

Tonight another episode of The Voice starts,
and remember: it’s all about the voice… NOT the look!

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