What is Victoria’s real ‘SECRET’?

The sales people of Victoria’s Secret are the ones who choose the models. They ‘test’ the models to public who does en doesn’t sell well to the public. The point is, they choose women who are called attractive by other women. The real secret behind this: choose models who are NOT in the men’s magazines. Because these women are too much ‘competition’ to their clients. This should be the main reason, Victoria’s Secret didn’t choose Kate Upton, because she was in so many men’s magazines last time. Hmm…. I am not sure this was the real reason not to let Kate Upton on the runway. She didn’t really have ‘their sizes’.
Victoria’s Secret models show their personality and are really in the picture, without being immature or sleazy. Models get media training. The trend for these models: faces with character and personality.

And yes: Dutch model Doutzen is super gorgeous! Men and women love this woman!


LOVE campaign

Kind of the same reaction as mine a time ago on the Victoria’s Secret models against Dove women. Skinny or curvy is not a war. And this time the answer of healthy is the new skinny. Healthy women in different sizes: the LOVE campaign. We share the same mission: diversity and healthy models in fashion! Check out the VIDEO, backstage of the photoshoot. And some reactions of people on Facebook.

Again: Curvy or skinny is not a war!

There’s this thing going on on Facebook… about the Victoria’s Secrets models and the Dove women. Lets STOP pitching women against each other like this… Curvy or skinny is not a war! I love size diversity of women and I want to see more size diversity in fashion!

Fans on Facebook

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