The best curvy bloggers of Holland on Viva!


I am on Read more…

Do you have the ‘bikini-guts’?


Yes… I already mentioned many times… I am the whole year bikini proof. And I am very proud of my body and have the ‘bikini-guts’. Wrote about in an article about buying my bikini! Dutch magazine VIVA is looking for Read more…

My taste in ‘Smaakmaker’, Viva


A few weeks ago I was in the column ‘Smaakmaker’ in Dutch magazine Viva. Talking about food & drink, style and this blog.

Front row app during Amsterdam Fashion Week


I remember my 1st runway in Paris… 10 years ago. I just finished my trainee ship at Viva magazine and I arranged a trip to Paris, during fashion week. Of course I Read more…

This week in Viva magazine!

Just don’t hope the Dutch readers are having a ‘overkill’ of me in the magazines. Last week in Dutch magazine Flair and this week in Dutch magazine Viva. The article is about ‘bloggers with a mission’. As you know I have a BIG mission: more size diversity in media, magazines, runways and movies. I think it’s cool to be the only ‘Dutchie’ in this article! Next to Lauren Friedman from Washington, Jenni Radosevich from New York and Ariel Sansaricq from Boston.
My shopping tips: Primark, Asos, Carma Koma and Anna Scholz.



Nominated for Viva 400

And another nomination! I am soooo proud you are believing in me, my blog and my mission! This time I am nominated for Viva400, a list of 400 young and successful women. Make a VIVA account and vote for me! You can win a Renault Twingo!

Proud of her body

The Dutch magazine Viva did some research to women being proud of their body! “Fuck that stupid ideal image of women and fuck photoshop!” The magazine did a request for women to show themselves in bikini in the magazine. Lots of women wanted to be in! You see 12 women, sizes 36, 40 and even a 52, in a black bikini in different sizes. And I must say: applause for these ladies having the guts to do this! And great that the result is so positive! Say to yourself everyday: “I am beautiful.”


An article about my blog in weekly Dutch magazine, Viva
Unfortunately in Dutch.
They called me the SIZE HERO!!!!

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